How does hormone replacement therapy affect weight?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involves supplementing hormones that decline naturally with age. The most common types of HRT are estrogen therapy and testosterone therapy. HRT can lead to some weight gain, but there are also factors that can mitigate or prevent this.
Estrogen therapy is commonly used to treat menopause symptoms in middle-aged women. During menopause, women's bodies produce less estrogen and progesterone. This hormone change leads to symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and emotional changes. Estrogen therapy can help alleviate these symptoms. However, a common side effect is mild weight gain.

Some key reasons estrogen may lead to weight gain include:

However, weight gain is not an inevitable effect of estrogen HRT. Two key mitigating factors are:

Testosterone therapy is another common type of HRT, used in older men or women to treat symptoms like low energy, decreased muscle mass, low libido and emotional changes. Declining testosterone leads to these issues so testosterone therapy aims to restore more youthful hormone levels.

Testosterone helps build muscle mass. So in men with low testosterone, testosterone therapy helps increase lean muscle mass. However, testosterone on its own does not seem to cause fat loss. Maintaining good nutrition and fitness levels remains important for losing abdominal fat on testosterone.

In women, testosterone therapy also helps improve energy, sexual function and bone density after menopause. But testosterone's effects in females remain less researched overall. It may contribute slightly to lean mass like in men. But healthy diet and lifestyle practices are still key for female health during hormone changes after menopause.

In summary, while HRT can impact weight, lifestyle choices remain highly important. Eating nutritious whole foods, exercising regularly, minimizing stress, and getting enough sleep helps maintain healthy metabolism and body composition during hormone changes. Working with a knowledgeable hormone health provider like Equilibrium Hormone Institute(/) can help optimize individualized HRT plans for mitigating weight fluctuations.

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