Low libido

What is low libido?

Low libido, or a decreased sex drive, is when a person experiences a lower interest in sexual activity than is considered average. Both psychological and physical factors can contribute to low sex drive. Stress, mental health disorders like depression, poor body image, hormonal changes, and chronic illnesses are some potential causes.

Symptoms of low libido can include:

If ongoing low libido is greatly impacting your life or relationship, seeing a doctor is recommended. They can check for any underlying medical issues through blood tests and a physical exam.

Hormonal causes like low testosterone, estrogen imbalance, or thyroid disorders may be diagnosed. Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or neurological disorders can also contribute. Psychotherapy and medications may be prescribed in some cases.

The professionals at Equilibrium Hormone Institute specialize in treating hormonal imbalances that can lead to low libido. Their comprehensive wellness plans take a functional medicine approach to identify root causes. With customized bioidentical hormone therapy, lifestyle changes, and nutraceuticals, they help patients restore energy, vitality and sex drive.

Tips to improve libido

If no underlying health condition causes it, there are natural ways to try boosting a lagging sex drive:

When to see a doctor

Consult a physician or sex therapist if lifestyle measures don't help resolve bothersome low sexual desire. They can get to the root of what's causing it. Treating underlying health or psychological issues may be needed to get your sex drive back.

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