Decreased muscle mass

What is decreased muscle mass?

Muscle mass naturally decreases as we age, a condition known as sarcopenia. However, other factors can accelerate loss of muscle mass, leading to decreased muscle mass at any age.

Causes of Reduced Muscle Mass

Muscle atrophy is the medical term for decreased muscle mass due to aging, illness, or inactivity. It can happen for many reasons:

Consequences of Muscle Loss

The consequences of decreased muscle mass are:

Building muscle becomes more difficult with age due to reduced (/) and growth hormone production. (/) can help counteract natural declines.

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Strategies to Combat Muscle Loss

The key is to stay active and consume a nutritious, protein-rich diet. Seek medical advice if significant muscle loss interferes with daily function. (/) can also help counteract age-related declines. With proper treatment, decreased muscle mass may be reversible in many cases.

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