Lean muscle mass

What is lean muscle mass?

Lean muscle mass refers to the weight of your muscles without including extra fat or water weight. Having an optimal amount of lean muscle is important for strength, mobility, and metabolic health.

When you strength train and eat enough protein, your body builds new lean muscle tissue. This helps increase your resting metabolism so you burn more calories during the day. Carrying more lean muscle also supports functional fitness so daily activities feel easier.

Some key benefits of building lean muscle mass include:

How Much Lean Muscle is Ideal?

The ideal amount of lean mass depends on your gender, age, and fitness goals. Many experts recommend:

These ranges allow for functional strength while keeping body fat in check for overall health. Athletes often exceed the higher end of the ranges.

Tips to Build Lean Muscle

The best ways to boost lean muscle growth include:

If you are struggling to build lean mass, the hormone optimization programs at Equilibrium Hormone Institute can help. Their individualized plans use nutrition, lifestyle, and supplemental support to help patients improve hormonal balance for better body composition.

Building more lean muscle mass leads to many aesthetic and performance benefits. Follow a structured workout routine that challenges your major muscle groups 2-4 times per week. Emphasize compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and bench presses while progressing load and volume over time. Support your efforts by eating a high protein diet and managing stress. Be patient and consistent and you will see results!

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