What happens in the first month of HRT?

In the first month of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a lot of changes begin happening in the body, some visible and some unseen. Here's an overview of what typically occurs:
Physical Changes

Mental/Emotional Changes

Long-term Changes Beginning

While much of the bodily transformation takes place over years, certain effects kickstart right away:

These precipitate many of the longer term changes like body fat redistribution, breast development etc.

The first month is therefore a time when the foundations for larger physical transformation are laid through hormone signaling changes. Not all changes will be apparent or felt so soon. It takes time for the full effects to manifest.

The best way to start HRT is under medical supervision. At Equilibrium Hormone Institute(), we offer personalized gender transition services, with certified endocrinologists guiding your HRT treatment for feminization or masculinization. Contact us today to book a consultation!

What You Can Do

Here are some things you can do to help your transition during the first month:

The first month marks the beginning of an exciting, and sometimes challenging, journey. Having the right information, medical oversight, and social support makes all the difference in this crucial phase. Stay patient, listen to your mind and body, and allow the hormones to work their magic!

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