What is growth hormone peptide therapy?

Growth hormone (GH) peptide therapy involves injecting synthetic growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRPs) like sermorelin, ipamorelin, or CJC-1295 to stimulate the body's own natural growth hormone production. It is used to counteract declining GH levels that occur with aging.
The key benefits of growth hormone therapy include:

How Does GH Peptide Therapy Work?

GH production begins declining after age 30, resulting in lower IGF-1 levels. This contributes to signs of aging like decreased muscle tone, increased body fat, lower bone density, reduced energy, and thinner skin.

The treatment involves very small injections just under the skin 1-2 times per day. Cycles typically run for 4-6 months, followed by 4 weeks off before starting another round.

Types of GH Peptides

There are three main types of GH peptides:

Equilibrium Hormone Institute specializes in sermorelin and ipamorelin as they provide an excellent balance of effectiveness and safety for most patients.

GH Peptide Therapy Benefits

Is GH Peptide Therapy Safe?

When administered properly at optimal dosages, growth hormone peptides have an excellent safety profile with minimal side effects. Since they stimulate natural GH release rather than injecting synthetic GH, GHRPs avoid potential risks like diabetes, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes seen with artificial GH.

Who is a Candidate for GH Peptide Therapy?

GH peptide therapy is appropriate for otherwise healthy adults ages 35-75 with:

The experienced hormone optimization physicians at Equilibrium Hormone Institute carefully evaluate each patient's labs, medical history and symptoms to design a customized GH peptide therapy program for your unique needs. We monitor your progress and safety through follow up assessments and bloodwork.

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