How much weight can you lose with peptide therapy?

Peptide therapy refers to the use of specific peptide compounds to promote weight loss, increase muscle mass, and improve body composition. Several peptides show promise for obesity treatment when used alongside diet and exercise. Peptides like ipamorelin, CJC-1295, and AOD-9604 mimic natural hormones in the body that influence metabolism, fat burning, and appetite.
When combined with lifestyle changes, peptide therapies may boost weight loss results beyond what’s achievable through diet and exercise alone. Clinical studies on various peptides find that participants losing 10-15 pounds or more over 3-6 months of treatment is common. However, results vary based on the individual, peptide selected, dosing protocol, diet, and workout regimen.

How Peptides Promote Weight Loss

Peptides encourage weight loss through several mechanisms:

Ideal Candidates for Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy provides the most dramatic improvements for those who:

However, peptide treatment may also benefit those with less weight to lose but find trouble spots like belly fat hard to eliminate.

Dosing Considerations

Peptides come in injectable forms, with dosage regimens spaced throughout the day and week. Frequency and timing of doses impact outcomes.

Working closely with a hormone specialist or physician experienced in peptide therapy allows personalization of dosage to the individual. This helps maximize benefits while keeping side effects minimal.

Equilibrium Hormone Institute Peptide Programs

Equilibrium Hormone Institute offers state of the art peptide treatments to help patients struggling with stubborn weight and fat loss. Under doctor supervision, we create customized plans that pair peptides elegantly with each individual’s lifestyle and health goals.

Our progressive programs feature cutting edge compounds like ipamorelin administered through painless injections just under the skin. Peptides get paired with nutrition guidance, check-ins, and bloodwork to ensure safety and efficacy.

Contact us today to see if our peptide-enhanced medical weight loss could help you finally conquer stubborn fat and unlock a healthier, happier you this year! Our patient advisors provide free consultations to find the right treatment options for your unique needs.

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