Stamina refers to the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. It is a key component of athletic performance and general health. At Equilibrium Hormone Institute(/), we specialize in optimizing clients' hormone levels to help improve stamina and energy.
When it comes to sports and exercise, greater stamina allows you to:

What impacts stamina?

Several factors influence stamina:

As we age, hormone declines sap our youthful vitality and stamina. But Equilibrium Hormone Institute(/) can help restore optimal hormone balance with custom treatment plans!

How to improve stamina

Follow these 5 tips to boost your stamina over time:

  1. Do regular cardio like running, cycling or swimming

  2. Incorporate muscle-strengthening moves

  3. Eat a nutrient-dense diet with healthy carbs

  4. Allow for proper rest and recovery

  5. Consider hormone optimization under a doctor's supervision

By improving cardiovascular health, building muscle strength, fueling properly, allowing adequate rest between workouts and optimizing hormones, you can enhance your body's stamina and feel more energetic in everyday life.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to provide more fitness, nutrition or hormone advice.

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