At what age does menopause usually start?

Menopause typically begins between the ages of 45 and 55. The average age is 51 in the United States. However, menopause can occur earlier or later than this normal range for some women.
Key factors that influence when menopause starts include:

The menopause transition actually begins before your final menstrual period. The phase leading up to the final period is called perimenopause. Here is a bulleted overview of the menopause timeline:

Perimenopausal symptoms often start during the mid to late 40s. They include:

Estrogen & progesterone levels fall significantly during and after menopause. This hormonal decline is behind most menopausal symptoms. It also leads to:

Bioidentical hormone therapy can help relieve symptoms and long-term health effects related to the estrogen loss of menopause. Equilibrium Hormone Institute specializes in customized () to help women transition into menopause smoothly. We offer both estrogen and progesterone as:

Our experienced staff help identify your optimal hormone regimen to:

We also provide nutritional counseling, fitness plans, stress reduction techniques and community support groups for women going through (/perimenopause) or (/menopause). Contact us today for a consultation.

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