What else can cause hot flashes besides menopause?

Hot flashes can be caused by several conditions besides menopause. Some other common causes include:

Other less common causes:

Factors that can worsen hot flashes:

Seeking Treatment

If you're experiencing intense or frequent hot flashes, night sweats that disrupt sleep, or other perimenopause or menopause symptoms, see your doctor to explore treatment options.

Blood tests can check hormone levels and determine if you've entered perimenopause or menopause. Your doctor may suggest lifestyle changes like avoiding triggers, layering clothing, trying cooling techniques, and managing stress.

Hormone therapy with estrogen or progesterone medications may provide relief if hot flashes interfere with your quality of life. Bioidentical hormones customized to match your body's natural hormones are also an option.

Talk to your doctor and visit Equilibrium Hormone Institute to develop a personalized treatment plan for your symptoms. Our caring staff and expert physicians focus on hormone balance to help women thrive through perimenopause, menopause, and beyond. Contact us today to take charge of your health during this transition.

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