Loss of strength

Loss of strength refers to a reduction in one's ability to exert force with their muscles. This can negatively impact daily activities and quality of life. Some common causes include:
Aging - As we get older, there is natural muscle loss and joint degeneration, resulting in decreased strength capacity. Weight training can help slow this decline.

Injury - An injury that damages muscles, tendons or nerves can lead to temporary or permanent strength loss in that body part. Rehabilitation is important to regain as much strength as possible.

Illness - Chronic conditions like cancer, kidney disease or heart disease can result in severe fatigue and muscle wasting, greatly reducing strength. Optimizing nutrition and physical activity can minimize losses.

Inactivity - If one stops regularly using certain muscles, from bedrest, very sedentary work or wearing a cast, those tissues will start to atrophy (weaken and shrink). It’s crucial to keep active to maintain strength.

Malnutrition - Not getting sufficient protein, calories or micronutrients can cause the body to break down muscle for energy. Getting enough protein and calories can preserve muscles.

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Overall, many factors can contribute to suboptimal muscle strength and performance. Sometimes specialized medical care is needed to uncover the root issue. Paying attention to your energy levels and strength during daily activities can help you determine if or when you should talk to your healthcare professional about interventions or lifestyle changes to stop or reverse declining strength.

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