Loss of muscle mass

Loss of muscle mass, also known as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle fibers break down more quickly than they can rebuild, resulting in overall muscle shrinkage. This leads to weakness, fatigue, poor mobility, slower metabolism, and increased risk of injury.
There are two main causes of muscle loss: aging and inactivity. As we get older, hormones like testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) decrease, making it harder to maintain muscle. Lack of physical activity also accelerates muscle breakdown. Other factors like illnesses, injuries, malnutrition, and medications can speed up muscle atrophy as well.

Some key signs of muscle loss include:

To prevent or treat loss of muscle mass, focus on strength training and getting enough protein. Consuming 1-1.5g of protein per kg of body weight daily helps muscles repair and rebuild. Compound exercises using weights, resistance bands, or even just bodyweight engage major muscle groups to stimulate growth.

As we age, however, producing enough testosterone and HGH for muscle building becomes challenging. This is where Equilibrium Hormone Institute can help! Our qualified medical staff offer hormone replacement therapy to help both men and women suffering from low T and HGH levels. Through customized treatment plans, we aim to stop muscle loss and help you feel strong and energetic again.

Our holistic plans also incorporate lifestyle coaching on nutrition, fitness and sleep hygiene for optimal results. If you’ve noticed unexplained muscle loss lately, I highly recommend booking a consultation at Equilibrium Hormone Institute to discover if hormone imbalance is the culprit. Regaining your strength, mobility and vitality is possible with medical supervision. Reach out today to start your journey!

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