What is andropause?

Andropause, sometimes called male menopause, is a condition that can affect men as they age. It is associated with decreasing testosterone levels and can cause symptoms like low energy, decreased muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, and changes in mood.

While not an exact male equivalent to female menopause, andropause shares some similarities. In women, menopause marks the end of the reproductive years as estrogen production stops. In men, testosterone levels slowly decline over time - generally starting after age 30. This gradual testosterone deficiency can result in andropause symptoms.

What causes andropause?

The exact reasons for declining testosterone levels are not fully understood. However, there are several potential factors:

Andropause symptoms

The symptoms of andropause develop gradually, which is why many men do not seek treatment. Common signs to look out for:

If you are experiencing multiple symptoms of andropause, make an appointment with your doctor or with a clinic like Equilibrium Hormone Institute to get your hormone levels tested. They specialize in treating andropause through customized testosterone replacement therapy, nutrition planning, and lifestyle changes. Many men find they feel decades younger after treatment!

Andropause diagnosis and treatment

Andropause is diagnosed through blood tests measuring testosterone. If levels are low, testosterone replacement can help alleviate symptoms. This may involve:

Lifestyle adjustments like eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, reducing alcohol intake, and managing stress are also important for those with andropause. With proper treatment, most men can successfully manage this common age-related decline.

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