Why We Seem To Like the Taller Ones


Why do we seem to prefer the taller ones? It is actually nothing new if you think about it. Since we were young, we have always envied the taller kindergartner who is either placed at the end of the line or those who are filed smack in front so as to lead the whole troop of children. When you enter primary school, the same scenario hits you right up and the same goes until you get into high school and venture into adulthood.

Now, why is this the case? Of course, this could not possibly just sprout of nowhere. Here are some reasons why those gifted with what seems to be great human growth hormone is preferred and seen as aesthetically in our society.

For starters, those who are towering always seem to exude a great aura of power. Very rare do you find someone who is tall to be staggering because more often than not, you will find that they would be striding without much care in the crowd.

Growth and Height Issue

woman interviewing taller womanSecond, they always seem to have an advantage. Early in life, this growth and height issue will be manifested in the most mundane of cases. You may have experienced wanting to get that one book or that one toy up the shelf but it seems too high for you. Here comes you teacher or that really tall kid in class. Soon after, you will find yourself wanting to be just as tall.

Another thing about these tall people is that they always seem to stand out. With the national average, finding those who are tall mixed in with a crowd of average people will really catch your attention. In a society and in a crowd that seems to breed people who are very much alike in many ways, who would not want to stand out?

Good Height Indicates Good Growth

And of course, good height is indicative of good growth. And good growth will only show that their body systems as well as their human growth hormones are working well. We have been genetically designed by nature to desire those who will make ideal mates, and this great working condition is one of the greatest ‘come ons’ one can find.

Just think about it and you will understand why this is such a common phenomenon to all of us.


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