Where Can I Find HGH Factor?


If you’re wondering where you can find the HGH factor, you really don’t have to look beyond your body. That’s because HGH or the Human Growth Hormone is actually produced by the pituitary gland. In youth, the body produces enough HGH to stimulate body growth and develop the organs, hence the name “Human Growth Hormone.”

boost your immunityBut aside from stimulating growth, HGH is also important in tissue repair, cell regeneration, boosting the immune system and lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack.

HGH does it work by moving amino acids, which are the cell’s building blocks, across cell membranes. HGH also ensures that as the body’s old cells die off, the replacement cells are just as healthy.

As you might expect, however, the body does not produce as much HGH as we get older. However, there are companies that make synthetic HGH and sell them. Part of the hype that surrounds HGH is their supposed ability to reverse the aging process.

However, the truth of the matter is that the Food and Drug Administration has only approved synthetic HGH – those that come in injectable form – for very specific purposes.

In adults, synthetic HGH products are approved for use on people with short bowel syndrome or people whose bodies are not able to properly absorb nutrient because of a disease or because a large part of their small intestine has been cut off. They are also approved for use in people who have tumors in their pituitary gland or are suffering a muscle-wasting condition due to HIV/AIDS.

child height In small children, they are approved for use in making them taller. They are also approved for use in treating genetic disorders like Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner’s syndrome, as well as chronic kidney insufficiency.

However, there are companies that sell HGH factor supplements. No, they don’t sell synthetic HGH. They merely sell supplements that contain precursors to the Human Growth Hormone itself. We’re talking about amino acids.

There’s actually a product called the HGH Factor. You can get one-month supply for $99.95. Meanwhile, you can get 15% discount by buying a three-month supply for $244.95 (at $81.65 per bottle).

The product is made from HGH growth factors and amino acid releasers. The formula is designed to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to produce and secrete the human growth hormone. If you’re worried about the quality of this product, you don’t have to worry because the ingredients found in the HGH factor meet the FDA’s requirements and they’ve all been tested for side effects.

What is the HGH Factor made of ? The product is actually composed of two products – an HGH stimulator and releaser. The two formulas combined will result in freely-circulating HGH. This results in rapid muscle growth, quick recovery from the most strenuous of workouts. It also results in stronger joints and bones.

L-LysineThe HGH stimulator in HGH Factor contains the following ingredients: L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, and L-Glycine. On the other hand, the HGH releaser is made from Astragalus, Panax Notoginseng and AstraGin.

Unlike synthetic HGH in injectable products, simply stimulating your body to produce more HGH can produce many benefits without the side effects. And what are these benefits?

These include improved memory, improved brain capacity, increased resistance to infection, and increased sexual drive. But the regeneration of the body’s organs is a much more powerful effect. HGH therapy has also been noted to help patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

We cannot stress it enough but the HGH Factor does NOT contain any hormones. Rather, it stimulates the body to produce a hormone, and therein lies the big difference – the product has no known side effects. Thus the big question to ask, really, is this: How effective is it?

If we base it only the price (it is NOT cheap), you can say that this product is highly effective. But don’t take our word for it. You should use it for yourself and see if it works. It might help you to know that the HGH Factor is delivered through the lining in your mouth, unlike HGH pills that need to go through the digestive system, causing a lot of discomfort.

women taking hgh pillTo determine if the product actually works, BEFORE you take the supplement, take note of what you notice in your body. After a month of taking this supplement, write down any changes in your body.

Who can take the HGH Factor? All adults over twenty years old can use it. Children should NOT use it, as well as people who are taking MAOI inhibitors.

Although the product does not react with other medicines, there have been instances where the body’s ability to produce natural HGH was hampered when the HGH Factor was taken in combination with HGH injections.

How do you use the HGH Factor? You use it by taking two capsules with your breakfast everyday.

Different people will have different reactions to the product. For some, changes are fast and happen within a month of taking the product. For others, however, it is much slower and it takes at least three months for them to experience the benefits of taking this HGH stimulator.

If you’re not fully satisfied with the product or have changed your mind about taking it, the company offers are thirty-day money back guarantee to its customers. You can get the HGH Factor from the official website on http://www.hghfactor.com/.


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