When Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Hgh Supplements?


Are you interested in taking HGH supplements in order to stimulate muscle growth, heal injuries, or help you feel younger? If so, you might have some questions about the best time of day to take your supplement.

This is actually a very common question, and there are two schools of thought on the matter. These two opinions on the best time to take the supplement are based on two different theories about how these supplements work.

When Does Your Body Produce The Most Human Growth Hormone? sleep-

First, it is important to remember that your body does produce HGH naturally unless you have a disease that inhibits production.

According to research, most human growth hormone is actually secreted by the pituitary gland at night when you are sleeping. That is one reason why it is always important to get a good night’s sleep when you are working out to build muscle.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but sleep can be just as important as a workout if you want to get stronger. When you fall asleep, your body gets busy repairing itself and building muscle. That is also when your levels of human growth hormone are likely to be highest.

Which Time Of Day Is Best To Take HGH?

Morning vs. Evening For Taking Human Grown Hormone

Anyway, here’s where we come to the two schools of thought.

  • HGH supplements shut down natural HGH production.
  • HGH supplements do NOT shut down natural HGH production.

Those who believe that supplements hinder the natural release of growth hormones tend to take their supplements right before bedtime.

The thought here is that the supplement will stimulate this process as much as possible. This seems a little counter-intuitive though. If HGH interferes with the natural process, why take it at all?

Those who do not think that supplements interfere with natural HGH production at all will take the supplement in the morning.

This is because they want to benefit from an extra period of hormone production, and they do not need to do it at night when human growth hormone is already being produced at its highest levels.

Should You Take HGH Every Day Or Every Other Day?


Of course, there is also another opinion. These people believe that human growth hormone is better when only taken every other day. They say that it does not matter what time of day the dose is taken.

This goes back to the thought that supplements might hinder your body’s own ability to produce HGH.

However, they believe your body is less sensitive to this when it does not get a supplement every day.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that supplements hinder natural human growth hormone secretion the least when they are only administered every other day.

Taking the supplement every day might decrease your body’s sensitivity to the hormone, and it will stop having any effect. So you might need to keep taking more and more, and this is why it is better to alternate days.

Is It Better To Only Take HGH On Weekends?

However, there is another opinion that agrees that HGH should not be taken every day. However, they do not believe that one day on and one day off is the right answer.

They believe it is better to take their supplements five days a week and stop it for two. So this group might take the supplement every weekday, and they might give their body a rest on the week-end.

Is Everybody Even Discussing Human Growth Hormones Or HGH Supplements?

Yes, it is confusing to read so many different opinions on this topic. Part of the problem might be that a lot of the research studies involve children and adults who are afflicted by a disease that inhibits natural human growth hormone production anyway. Additionally, these patients are getting prescriptions form a doctor under carefully controlled conditions.

A lot of the discussion in forums and other online communities comes form body builders and other athletes who use these supplements to grow muscles faster and recuperate from injuries. There are not that many research studies done for these people, so they tend to work from personal observation and experience. That might not be as accurate.

Also, it is likely that a majority of research studies are conducted on ill patients who actually get injections of HGH. Though some doctors will prescribe these injections for muscle building and other off-label uses, many will not.

It is possible that the athletes are actually discussing taking supplements that encourage the body’s own production of human grown hormone, and they are not even discussing actual synthetic HGH at all.

If so, it is not always easy to figure out what the right answer is when taking human growth hormone or an HGH supplement.

Supplements that you can buy in a can or bottle in a health food store do not actually contain HGH, but they do contain amino acids that your body can use to produce more HGH.

What About HGH Supplements?

In this case, it doesn’t seem like they should interfere with human growth hormone production that is naturally happening in your pituitary gland. It seems like a good time to take these might be at night before you go to sleep because that is when your body is really ramping up HGH production and needs all of the fuel that it can get.


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