What to Stack with HGH: What’s Best for You?


People these days are more concerned with their appearance than ever before. As much as possible, they want to look their best. This is normal, since how we look will affect how people perceive us. We have to admit that people around us are judgmental. Thus, if we want to leave a good impression, we have to be more conscious on our appearance.

hgh body buildingUnlike women where they can wear accessories, or sport a sexy hairstyle to look stunning, men are more about having a well-built body. Men do not need to wear accessories to look bolder. Their best accessory would be those stone-hard abs and toned muscles. A herculean body is enough to make women swoon over them.

This explains why men are finding ways to increase their body mass. There are many ways to increase bulk muscles. Among these is weight lifting, eating more protein and avoiding fats. There are also some who drink protein shakes to make increasing muscle mass much easier.

Still, there are men who cannot go to gym and work out because of their busy schedules. This issue is common, especially to men who are in the corporate world. If you are among those men, then there is no need for you to fret. This is because there are many products for muscle building available in the market today. Among these products is HGH supplements.

Before availing these HGH supplements, it would vital if we first understand how HGH works. We are all aware that our body produces GH, or growth hormone. These hormones are the ones responsible for increasing the size of our bones and muscles. It is during our younger years that these hormones are at their peak in production. Hence, as we reach the age of adulthood, the production of these hormones starts to slow down.

What Are The Uses Of HGH?

Though HGH is linked to muscle and bone growth, this hormone can provide other benefits to its users, as well. Taking HGH promotes fat loss, heighten the functions of immune system, improve muscle strength and slow down the process HGH for fat lossof aging. In addition, this also promotes tissue repair.

These benefits are what every athlete must have. Because of these benefits, the use of HGH is controversial among athletes, because this does not promote fairness in a competition or league.

Still, the use of HGH supplements is not totally banned everywhere and in every case. Anyone can still avail these supplements, especially if their aim is to improve their physique.

Though increasing the muscle size is dependent on the amount of HGH and testosterone we produce, by taking these HGH supplements, we can increase the production of these hormones naturally.

All It Takes Is To Know What To Stack With HGH.

If you are someone who works out regularly and takes GH injectables, yet you do not seem to see any changes in your body, then perhaps you may try augmenting the release of HGH naturally. Aside from exercising, there are other ways to increase your growth hormones. Taking HGH supplements before working out could create a huge change for you. Below are three of the supplements that will boost your GH levels.

What To Stack With HGH?

Alpha-Glyceryl-Phosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC)

The main purpose of this compound is to increase the production of choline, resulting to the release of acetylcholine. This improves brain functioning muscle strength. Take this supplement as this improves GH level by 100 percent. The recommended dosage is 600 milligrams (mg). Take this at least 60 to 90 minutes before a workout.

GABAGamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

This amino acid has direct effects on the nervous system. This neurotransmitter aids by helping a person to increase focus, reduce anxiety levels and promotes relaxation.

Taking GABA 60 minutes before a workout could increase your GH levels by 400 percent. Take three to five grams of GABA on an empty stomach to increase the effects.


This protein can bring tons of benefits. It promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle breakdown. Immune system needs glutamine to function, thus there is a need to replace them through so that there is left for your muscle fibers. Take five to ten grams of this amino acid 90 minutes before engaging into an exercise routine.

Natural Ways To Boost HGH Levels

Get Enough Sleep : The only time when GH production happens is during sleep. Thus, if you wish to augment your HGH levels, then make sure that you are getting seven to nine hours of sleep per day. You must be sleep by 10 p.m., since GH release happens during earlier hours. Taking power naps during late afternoon can also help.

cardio exerciseLower Caloric Intake : There must be a limit in taking in carbohydrates. Too many carbohydrate increases the release of insulin. When that happens, there will be weight gain. Increasing muscles mass is harder if you have excess fats in your body.

Undergo Rigorous Exercise : GH releases when the body experiences stress. Include many exercise types that allow you to move all your body joints. Perform intense exercises at a shorter time. Cardio exercise may also help increase your GH levels.

Now that you know how to improve your HGH levels, then getting that desired physique will be easier. Practice natural methods to boost your HGH levels. You already know what to stack with HGH. Employ the supplement you think will help you best, and seek the advice of your doctor, just to be safe, too.


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