What Makes Hgh And How You Can Help It Make More


While Human Growth Hormone may very well sound like something from the future, it is actually a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. These hormones play an extremely important role in the growth and development of our body as we age, hence the name: Human Growth Hormone. Initially, the body is producing very high quantities of HGH. All of this HGH helps us grow through our teenage years and maybe into our 20’s, but eventually the body slows down and begins to produce less and less HGH.

HGH effectImagine how tall everyone would be if the body simply continued producing HGH non-stop! It’s not entirely uncommon for the body to completely stop producing any trace of the hormone all together.

Luckily, understanding what makes HGH will help you make small changes that improve the body’s natural production of the hormone.

A lot of smart minds have spent their lifetime studying HGH and how it is produced within the body. This has helped them team together with other leaders in the scientific and medical community to produce a wide array of medications and supplements that help the body produce more HGH. What does it mean for the body if you are producing more HGH? It doesn’t just mean you’ll grow taller.

It means your body will age slower in general. Tissue and skin cells will more easily repair themselves. Not to mention, it offers a new sense of energy and vigor. Many people take HGH supplements for weight loss or muscle building goals. Supplements and medications aside, there are still plenty of completely natural ways to boost the body’s production of HGH. These require no risk, no investment, and no synthetics.

Sleeping More.

A staggering 80 percent of the body’s natural HGH production takes place while the person is sleeping. Not only does it wait until you are asleep, but it waits until you have been asleep for around seven hours. That means sleeping four, Sleeping morefive, even six hours only means your body won’t ever produce the majority of its HGH for the day.

Sleeping less than seven to nine hours a night it is bad for your body in a variety of fashions, but in terms of HGH, is especially harmful.

Knowing that 80 percent of your HGH is made during seven to nine hours of sleep will allow you to better schedule your nights. Do what you need to do to ensure you are getting a quality sleep throughout the night.

Remember, this has to be seven consecutive hours of sleep. If you are waking up every thirty minutes throughout the night, then it won’t be good for your body or your HGH production.

A lot of people find that investing in a new mattress was the first step towards getting the sleep they wanted. You may or may not already have the perfect mattress for you, but if you find that you aren’t getting a comfortable sleep throughout the entire night, then it very well may be your mattress to blame.

Improve Your Eating Schedule.

There is something else that has a direct impact on your production of HGH and that is your insulin levels. It is your insulin level that determines, to a large degree, how much HGH your body will produce during hours seven through nine of sleep. High insulin will mean less HGH and less insulin will mean more HGH. How can you control how much insulin your body produces while you are asleep? That’s pretty simple actually.

improve eating levelIf you don’t eat a few hours before going to sleep, then you won’t have high insulin levels during the night. Insulin is produced by the body when you eat food. It’s not the same as blood sugar, so eating foods that won’t raise your blood sugar will still raise your insulin.

Even health foods cause the body to produce insulin, so you need to refrain from meals all together for a window of time before to sleep.

A lot of people who are interested in improving their natural HGH production try a modified fasting technique. This will cause insulin levels to drop dramatically, which can in turn cause HGH production to skyrocket. They don’t fast for weeks or months, but rather for the majority of each day. Fasting between 17 and 20 hours a day will help with insulin levels, but remember that you absolutely must get the required sleep if you want the body to produce the HGH. Otherwise, you were fasting for no purpose at all.

Focus On Weight Loss.

Finally, now that you know it’s made in the body, while you sleep, and is controlled by your insulin, you can find ways to manage your insulin properly and improve HGH levels. Losing weight is the best way to lower your insulin and get healthier in general.


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