What Are The Human Growth Hormone Side Effects In Men?


The body produces all the vital hormones it needs to function effectively. One of these hormones is the human growth hormone, or HGH. It is responsible for the growth of several internal organs as well as the development of one’s muscles.

However, some people cannot produce the right level of growth hormone their body needs. This is the reason why synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) was introduced. Through this, people who are experiencing growth hormone deficiency will be able to produce the hormone that they need. Even though HGH is initially used for therapeutic purposes, other people are using it for other reasons nowadays.

The Many Benefits Of HGH

hgh for weight losePeople are starting to take HGH as an anti-aging product. They use it to help them battle the signs of aging. Many of the men who are into bodybuilding are considering using HGH as well. This is because it can help an individual have a better physique in no time.

You can get other benefits from HGH. One of which is that it can help you lose and maintain your weight. This is beneficial for those who are looking for a way to manage or lose weight fast. This is possible because it speeds up the metabolism.

With these, it is no longer surprising that various HGH products, from pills to injectables, are coming out in the market. Hence, even though it should only be available in pharmacies legally, there are online sites offering it, as well.

Before purchasing anything though, it would be best to understand what the human growth hormone side effects in men are first. This way, you will be able to know whether it is advisable to take HGH off-label or not.

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects In Men

Aside from benefits, there are also potential adverse effects of HGH. These side effects range from simple and temporary, to life threatening and permanent. One of the most common side effects that you experience once you start acromegaly handusing HGH is a headache. Although it might be a normal occurrence to some, this can be an indicator of a serious side effect. It can be either acromegaly or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Men also often suffer from extreme hair loss when they use HGH for some time. However, this particular side effect is not proven, and there are still debates going on about it. This is because there are some users who claim that they were able to overcome baldness once they started taking HGH.

Human growth hormone side effects in men include high cholesterol levels and weight gain. Some people also experience swelling, muscle and joint pains, as well as numbness of the skin. There are also patients who experience enlargement of their heart and kidneys because of using HGH. A person can also be at risk for several health conditions, such as diabetes and cardiac arrest as a result of taking HGH.

What You Need To Know About HGH

Keep in mind that the effects of human growth hormones in men only happen when they overdose or overuse it. If you are going to consult your doctor first, get a prescription, and follow the suggested dosages, so you do not have to worry about the side effects. Getting the prescription is also important. This way, you will be legally using HGH and do not have to worry about getting in trouble with the authorities.

consult with doctorIn addition, it is also important you only buy authentic HGH. There are some brands that are merely knock-offs, which will not only be ineffective, but can worsen the side effects, as well. Hence, if you want to ensure your health, make sure you only buy the HGH that your doctor prescribes for you to take.

Aside from the human growth hormone side effects in men, the abuse of HGH can also lead to death. Hence, you need to be cautious when using it, regardless of the multiple benefits you can get from it.

It is important for you to avoid buying or using HGH products that are sold over-the-counter or off-label. In fact, it would be best to purchase HGH from your local drug store or pharmacy as much as possible. If it is not available in your local drug store, then you should consider buying online.

The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of HGH. Even though it produces HGH for a lifetime, the production level naturally decreases as one ages. This is the reason why you might start to experience several things you didn’t when you are younger. For instance, you gain weight easily. It also becomes harder to do things, because you get tired faster. Your stamina also starts to dwindle once you age.

All these factors are attributed to the loss or the decrease of HGH production in the body. Thus, people are looking for ways that they can avoid them, and this is through using or taking synthetic HGH. Even though it is FDA approved, it is important to keep in mind that you should only take HGH if you have a prescription from a doctor.


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