Ways To Tell Tell If Hgh Is Real


Many people are starting to realize how beneficial HGH supplements can be for their overall health. Human growth hormone, or somatropin, is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that is responsible for the growth of young children, as well as providing many other medicinal benefitsnice body

It is also responsible for heart function, fat metabolism, sugar metabolism, and also muscle and bone growth. As a result of this, many people take synthetically produced HGH, which can be obtained from your physician, or by ordering it over the Internet.

The problem is discerning whether or not the HGH that you are purchasing, and using, is actually the real stuff. In this article, we will show you a couple tips on how to determine if the human growth hormone you are using is actually the real deal.

Understanding Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is naturally produced in the body, and is used as a supplement by many people around the world. HGH or GH begins to decline in production within our body as we get older, leading to many of the problems that we have as we age.

People that naturally produce more HGH in their body using natural supplements, or those that take synthetic injections on a regular basis, will notice a significant difference in the way that they feel, their energy levels, and even the texture of their skin.

It is injected into many patients that are suffering from Turner syndrome, chronic kidney insufficiency, Prader-Willi syndrome, and diseases associated with HIV/AIDS patients including muscle wasting disease.

Before we tell you how to determine whether or not the HGH you are ordering, or being injected with, is legit, let’s look at how to increase it naturally without needing to get an injection first.

Increasing HGH Amounts Within Your Body Naturally

Injection vs PillIf you are not a fan of getting shots, or injecting synthetic substances into your body, you have several alternatives. Simple things like getting enough sleep, eating multiple meals a day, vigorous exercising, and increasing the amount of sex that you have on a regular basis, can help increase GH production.

In regard to supplements, you can take L-DOPA, clonidine, Vitamin B3, and L-arginine and L-lysine together. All of these natural supplements can be purchased either online from a health or vitamin shop, or you can find them at your local supplements store.

By adding these to your diet, you should start to see an increase in HGH production. However, if you still want to try the injections, you need to know if they are actually legitimate. Here are a couple ways to determine whether or not the HGH you are ordering is actually real.

Determining If Your HGH Is Real

There are a couple tests that you can perform to determine if your HGH is legitimate or not. The easiest way is to take it to a lab to have it analyzed. They should be capable of testing for real 191 amino acid sequences, specifically for somatropin.

This can be quite expensive, depending upon the lab you are using, which leads us to the second less expensive alternative. Using a lab which can test your blood for HGH serum prior to your HGH injections, and then after your injections, they should be able to determine if your human growth hormone levels have actually increased.

This is a much more cost effective solution, and can help you determine, within a matter of hours, if your GH supplement is real or not.doctor

Using these simple suggestions for determining the authenticity of your HGH injections, you should be able to feel confident that what you are ordering, or receiving from your doctor, is actually providing you with results.

You can also use the supplements mentioned in this article if you would prefer avoiding shots to build your GH levels. Either way, you will know exactly what to do to determine if your human growth hormones have actually increased, sometimes in a matter of hours.


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