Understanding Human Growth Hormone Vials


HGH, or human growth hormone is a hormonal supplement that is taken by people today that are concerned about their overall longevity, or may want to simply build additional muscle mass.nice body

Athletes have been taking HG hormone for many decades, and have had excellent results in regard to muscle mass and development. It has also been used to help treat children that may have HGH deficiencies because of a problem with their pituitary gland.

When operating properly, the pituitary gland will produce enough human growth hormone to spur their growth up until the age of 17 or 18. By taking supplements described by a doctor, some of them are able to counteract this defect.

When purchasing synthetic HGH, it typically comes in a vile. In this article, we will discuss the benefits, and possible side effects, of HG hormone, and also what type of viles you can expect for your injections.

History Of Human Growth Hormone

HGH, also called Somatotropin, is a growth hormone that used to be extracted from the carcasses of dead animals and humans. Somatotropin is actually the product of recombinant DNA technology that replicates this hormone that is naturally produced in the body.

Another brand, Humatrope, has been at the center of sports doping controversies for 20 years. Today, it can be obtained on the Internet, or through a medical provider that will write you a prescription for the FDA approved HD hormone that is available.

The Structure Of HGH

Structurally, HGH is a protein, consisting of 191 amino acids. There are some structural similarities between the GH hormone in humans and animals, each capable of providing the same type of results.

In humans, it is able to act efficiently as a peptide hormone, and can effectively increase androgen secretion within the body. It is also known for its ability to stimulate the production of climate on and l-dopa, substances that can be used in the body to create neurotransmitters such as dopamine.

Beneficial Effects Of HGH

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HGH is used by many people for a variety of reasons. For those that are having trouble sleeping at night, it can help with this issue.

It is capable of stimulating the production of protein synthesis, something that is very helpful for those that exercise or do bodybuilding.

It can increase muscle mass, increased the amount of mineralization within your bones, and contribute to gluconeogenesis in the liver, a process that creates glucose for the body, the food that our cells need, including the brain.

Other benefits to taking HG hormone is calcium retention within the bones, improved pancreatic functionality, and it can also increase or improve your immune system.

Excess Amounts Of HGH – Problems And Concerns

If excess amounts of HG hormone is in your body, it can actually occur for completely natural reasons. You are probably seen individuals that are extremely tall, something that is more than likely the result of a pituitary tumor.

When the pituitary gland is affected in this way, it will excrete massive quantities of HGH, leading to abnormal amounts of growth. It can also thicken the bones in your hands, fingers and jaw.growthhormonenetwork213132

It can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, excessive sweating, nerve damage, diabetes, and reduced sexual function.

Muscle fatigue and weakness is also attributed to excessive amounts of human growth hormone, which is something that bodybuilders, and regular people, need to be concerned about when they are taking it to increase muscle mass.

Proper Dosages For Human Growth Hormone

When you receive your vials of human growth hormone, it is important that you understand how much you are taking. If you are receiving treatments from a doctor, they will already have the proper amount for each injection.

When doing this yourself, you need to make sure that you stay between 1 and 8 IU’s per day. An average sized person looking to simply improve their health should stay between 2 and 3 IU’s. Bodybuilders can go up as high as 7 to 8 IU’s and still remain within safe parameters.

HGH Vials – How To Prepare And Use Them

When you prepare the HGH for an injection, you will be receiving the liquid form of somatropin. It should not be exposed to high levels of heat as it is molecularly very fragile. If you get the powder form instead, injecting water into the vile needs to be done gently.

Do not shake the vial, freeze it, or leave it in the refrigerator as this can compromise the HGH. You should only add sterile bacteriostatic water or plain sterile water for the injection.

You can also use a saline solution, yet not going above 0.9% NaCl. Once you have the proper mixture, you should use an insulin type syringe for the injection.

healthyAlthough HGH is one of the most beneficial hormones that you can use to improve your health today, it does have some health warnings.

Problems associated with HG hormones are typically associated with using too much, or having a genetic predisposition which causes problems to occur.

If you are trying to improve your ability to build muscle mass, or simply feel better than you have in years, human growth hormone is a supplement that almost everyone should take because of the benefits that it can provide. Talk to your doctor today about HGH, or find more information on the Internet about this miracle supplement today.


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