Top Growth Hormone Releaser Amino Acids Available Today


Inside your brain is a gland that is responsible for many aspects of how your body is able to function. The pituitary gland creates many different hormones, one of which is called human growth hormone. It is designed to release this hormone during times of stress, which is why so much HGH is released during puberty.

IGF-1As your body begins to change, evolving from a child to an adult, your body is undergoing extreme changes, causing enormous amounts of stress, leading to the release of this hormone. This hormone is also responsible for triggering IGF-1 which plays a key role in the development of your body.

This is what allows teenagers to have such endless energy, adversity to pain, and the ability to build muscle mass, and prevent the development of body fat, all at the same time.

There are many supplements that you can take as you get older that can serve as growth hormone producers, stimulating the pituitary gland to do its job. Specifically, there are two amino acids that play a key role in the production of GH within the body, amino acids that we will discuss next.

Why You Need to Have Growth Hormone In Your Body

Decades ago, when science first discovered how important HGH was to the development of the human body, it also realize how important it was for maintaining a more youthful appearance. And it wasn’t just about looking better, mostly because of how GH hormones affects the development of collagen within the skin, giving it more firmness and elasticity. It affected many other areas of the body, improving the immune system, allowing people to experience less bodily pain, many common complaints that people have as they grow older.

Despite the fact that synthetic GH hormone has been produced, it is not legal without a prescription from a medical doctor that must first diagnose that you are either deficient in this hormone based upon your age, or that you have some type of chronic malady. However, there is nothing to stop you from taking certain supplements that can boost its production naturally. Here are a few of the benefits that you can look forward to by increasing GH naturally.

How Growth Hormone Can Improve Your Body And Mind

weightlifting and hgh supplementsWhen you are taking supplements that can induce the production of human growth hormone, pushing your pituitary gland into overdrive, you do not need to stress your body in order to elevate its production. You simply need to provide your body with the amino acids that are necessary by which to increase production levels.

Obviously, if you are involved in very strenuous workouts, whether through aerobics or heavy weightlifting, not only will you stimulate more GH production, the extra amounts of growth hormone will lead to a dramatic increase in muscle development, decreases in adipose cells, and an improvement in your overall immune system helping you to feel better and stay healthy.

In regard to your mind, many people have stated how much easier it is to think and process when they have more GH running through their system. It seems to affect all levels of the human body, both physically and mentally, leading many people to realize that it may be the key to reversing the clock, and addressing the aging process like no other hormone or supplement could ever do.

Things To Watch Out For

There are a few reasons why people do consider growth hormone to be dangerous to some degree, but these incidents typically do not happen to everyone. By taking too much growth hormone through injections, or pushing your body to extreme levels in order to motivate your pituitary gland to produce more, excess can always lead to injury.

You may develop more joint pain than you had before, more swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, and higher cholesterol levels due to increases in LDL cholesterol. All of these things are the result of overdoing the production of GH in your body, but at proper levels, those levels that you experienced as a teenager, you can look forward to all of the benefits and more.

Best Growth Hormone Amino Acids

taking hgh everydayThe two amino acids that you need to take on a regular basis in order to generate GH every single day are L-arginine and L-lysine, amino acids that have been proven to increase HGH production levels.

When you are able to take these amino acids everyday, especially in conjunction with L-DOPA, you’ll start to see a noticeable difference in your mood, muscle mass growth, a reduction in body fat, and you will feel better physically and mentally, more so than you have probably felt in many years or decades.

You can order these amino acids online, or pick them up at your local store. By adding them to your daily dietary regimen, you can start to benefit from all that human growth hormone has to offer people at any age.


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