Top Growth Hormone Brands You Should Try


The production of products that are designed to stimulate the growth of somatotropin within the human body has increased manyfold in recent years. Although the benefits of HGH have been known for decades, and the ban on purchasing synthetic HGH in the United States has been around for quite some time, this has not stopped smart and resourceful people from creating products that can help individuals naturally produce more within their body.

reduced sex driveThis hormone is arguably the most beneficial one that a person can create because of all that it can do. People that have taken it, even older people that have conditions such as osteoporosis, a reduced sex drive, and who feel that they do not have very much energy any longer have seen many of these issues resolved.

Testing has actually shown that the results are real, not just a placebo effect. In fact, if it were simply a placebo effect, the government would not ban the use of this beneficial substance, a literal fountain of youth hormone that all people should have access to.

Here are some of the top products that are sold today that can stimulate the production of growth hormone naturally, motivating the pituitary gland to do its job, and help all of us maintain our youth.

Why You Should Have Higher Amounts Of Growth Hormone

There is a literal laundry list of benefits associated with this hormone, and very few drawbacks. Those that have had problems have used this hormone in excess, and anything that you use in excess tends to backfire in the human body. The benefits include the stimulation of your immune system, helping people to stay healthy and ward off disease. It is able to promote the production of glycogen in the liver, helping people that suffer from diabetes.

It also promotes homeostasis which is linked to helping people look younger for a longer period of time. It increases protein synthesis which is perfect for individuals that are trying to build muscle mass.

It has also been shown to decrease the amount of body fat that a person will retain, and increase calcium retention. In general, it helps you maintain a more youthful body, improves your ability to stay healthy, and gives everyone more energy if it is taken every single day.

As mentioned before, synthetic HGH shots are available, but not in the US, and the cost for these injections is phenomenal. That’s why so many companies have come out with products that will allow you to naturally produce growth hormone at a fraction of the cost of synthetic injections.

Top Growth Hormone Brands You Should Try

GH MaxAt the top of the list is a company by the name of Universal Nutrition. They produce a couple different products. Their most popular one is the Animal Stak, followed by GH Max and Animal PM.

These products have received rave reviews from actual people that have used them for several months and noticed a significant change in their ability to build muscle mass.

Their recovery time has been dramatically reduced, and they have an excessive amount of energy, all because they have more growth hormone running through the body.

The next brand that is popular is PharmaFreak, a company that produces a couple different supplements. Their most popular one is called GH Freak with its main ingredient being GABA, used to promote the production of GH hormone.

Vigor Labs is the next company with products like Raw HGH and Black Antler. Deer Antler Velvet is the main ingredient, a product that is actually derived from the antlers of deer which has been shown to increase overall muscle building performance.

Finally, there is NOW, producing a product called LipoSpray that also uses deer antler velvet. This is actually sprayed directly in the mouth, underneath the tongue, giving almost instantaneous results.

These are the top growth hormone Brands that you should consider trying, regardless of the product that you actually purchase. All of them have shown great promise and have delivered on producing more growth hormone within the body. This is something that everyone should have in their daily supplement regimen, even if you are not working out every day.

The more growth hormone that you have, the better you are going to feel, and the more likely it is that you will live a much longer and healthy life. Hopefully you will be able to use any of these products and start to notice a definite positive change in your ability to build muscle mass.

It will also help you have more energy, become healthier, and feel like you did back when you were a teenager, all because you are stimulating the pituitary gland to create more somatotropin that can help you stay younger and look your best.


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