The Decline of Levels of Human Growth Hormones in the Body


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Human growth hormones (HGH) are needed in the body. It facilitates growth and affects production of other hormones in the body such as insulin. HGH is needed for bone growth in children and increases the size of body tissues and organs.

Studies about Human Growth Hormone

There are various studies conducted to determine the effect of HGH to other hormones and the body. Based on these studies, growth hormone-deficient adults that were untreated have caused cardiovascular mortality, minimized working capacity, substandard glomerular filtration, defective sweating, reduced energy expenditure, abnormal thyroid hormone and showed signs of premature arteriosclerosis.

Moreover, the body has revealed abnormal rise in fat mass, decline muscle fat ratio, reduced cellular fluid volume, drop lean body mass, visceral obesity and reduced mineral content in bones. There were also studies that reported impaired psychological health compared to regular adults.

How Human Growth Hormone Reacts

Human growth hormones react with other hormones in the body, but the effects are not very dramatic compared to other hormones in the body. For instance, the sudden decline of insulin level in the body can give your body an insulin shock that can be fatal. Meanwhile, the plunge of HGH level in the body starting at the age of thirty will send the body into slow decline. When the decline of HGH is left untreated will make a person looks old than the actual age. Moreover, lack of HGH in the body affects the quality of life.

The decline of HGH level in the body can be reversed. The activity of the pituitary gland also declines and stops releasing hormones. The receptors also become less responsive to the effect of HGH than before. All these can be corrected by administering growth hormones or growth hormone-releasing hormones.

effective human growth hormonesToday, there are many products available in the markets that are created to correct the decline of HGH levels in the body. They come in various types and forms. In the past, HGH supplementation only comes in the form of HGH injections. These are synthetic growth hormones that are directly introduced into the body. However, this procedure is expensive and dangerous especially when not properly administered. It is important that a licensed medical practitioner administers HGH injections.

There are alternatives to HGH injections that are safe and effective. HGH sprays are among these products. Also, there are pills that a person can purchase with a prescription from the doctor. These pills are not actual HGH, but they are hormones or substances that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormones naturally.


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