The Blue Top HGH Kit


HGH kits usually refer to packs of vials of powdered human growth hormone that are available by a doctor’s prescription. This powder must get reconstituted in water according to instructions before it is injected.

There are Two Reasons That HGH Comes in a Liquid Form:

  • Once it has been reconstituted, it has to be kept in a cooler and loses potency quickly. It should only be mixed with water before use.
  • Once reconstituted, HGH solution should never get shaken. It is safer for transport in powder form.

What Is A Blue Top HGH Kit?

blue tops hghBlue top kits simply mean that the vial has a blue top. People who are experts on buying HGH on the black or gray market usually believe that the blue-capped vials represent fairly inexpensive and generic human growth hormone.

However, others say that the color of the vial really doesn’t mean anything. The best HGH comes from an American lab, drugstore, and doctor’s prescription. Buying anything else is rather risky.

For example, doses of US HGH may cost over $25 a day. It might be possible to procure this powder from foreign sources for a couple of dollars a day.

This seems attractive, but consumers are wise to be wary about substances that they order form other countries and then inject in their bodies. When people procure their HGH legally from an American lab, they don’t have to guess what the color of the cap means because they will have dose and concentration clearly marked on the package.

Are Blue-Top Kits Even Legal?

Furthermore, even though it might be possible to order this drug on the black or gray market, it is not legal. If caught, people could be subject to fines or even time in jail. In other words, getting illegal HGH is dangerous for many reasons. It could impact health, pocketbooks, and freedom.

There are a few patients who have true diseases that HGH is used as a treatment for. However, it is likely that health insurers or prescription plans can help these people pay for their medicine. If people buy HGH just to help them develop muscle or feel younger, they are not as likely to get it covered by any medical insurance company.

Doctor prescribe for hghWith that said, some doctors will prescribe HGH for off-label use. If patients have the money to purchase a supply, they can do so legally.

However, doctors should also warn patients that there are side effects to using this hormone, and that may especially be true of using it in a way that it is not really approved for.

In other words, it might be legal to obtain HGH for anti-aging or body building, but it should be done with caution. This is both because of side effects and the cost.

What Are Other Ways To Increase HGH?

Most doctors will tell their patients that there are better solutions to increasing HGH levels for generally healthy people who just want to build more muscle or enjoy higher energy levels. These include getting more rest, eating a diet that is high in lean protein, and getting exercise. These three things are keys to maximum HGH production.

HGH Supplements

Hgh supplementsThere are also HGH supplements on the market. These don’t actually contain human growth hormone. Instead, they include the nutritional supplements that bodies need to maximize their own hormone production.

Mostly, these are amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and human growth hormone. Other wise, lean meat, low-fat dairy products, and soy are good sources for amino acids for people who want to make sure that there body has the raw materials that it needs.

HGH Production Needs Sleep

Doctors say that human bodies produce the greatest amount of HGH when people sleep. That means that it is important to enjoy quality rest every night for maximum HGH production. One reason that some people complain about fatigue, weight gain, and other symptoms of low HGH is simply because they did not enjoy enough sleep.

Exercise And HGH

The body also needs a signal to produce more human growth hormone, and exercise is the key. People don’t need to workout like body builders to achieve this, and a daily ride on an exercise bike or brisk walk should help.


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