The Advantages And Precautions For Using Human Growth Hormone For Fatloss And Weight Loss


A lot gets written about human growth hormone (HGH) regarding its uses, positive side effects, and negative side effects as well. Much of what gets written, is of course about the real injectable form of and not about hormone releasing herbs that many health food stores market. Scientific studies have proven many advantages to growth hormones and their effects on the aging of the mind, skin and hair.

HGH also has obvious effects on the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body, as well as the maintenance of a normal blood sugar level. Let’s examine some of these advantages along with some precautions that you should be aware.

When It Comes To Hormones Excess Is Not Always Better

muscle man drinking waterIt should be pointed out that many hormones, and treatments with hormones, don’t always have a more profound effect by increasing the dosage. Similarly, the human body will die within several days without adequate amounts of water, however, drinking more water than what your body needs has little or no effect.

Hormones taken in excess will most likely end up being eliminated without any problem at all, however some hormones could end up causing cancer and other problems, but for the most part it’s difficult to know since testing on humans would be dangerous. It’s always best to follow the advice of a physician when dealing with powerful drugs or human hormones.

There Are Ways To Minimize Any Hormone Side Effects

Bodybuilders have developed over time a method by which they take hormones in cycles of several weeks in order to gain the benefits of larger more powerful muscles, but then reduce their dosages to let the body readjust to a more natural level. The muscles gained during the higher dosage do not merely melt away when the dosage is reduced, instead fewer muscles are added on a daily basis at the lower dosage.

Some Of The Side Effects Of HGH Are Minor Others Are Not

The most obvious side effects of the use of HGH in its injectable form are fluid retention, especially in the lower extremities, aches and pains in the joints, and problems with nerve compression resulting in small twitches. People who have made themselves into human test guinea pigs by taking larger than prescribed doses of hormones are at risk of developing diabetes, and some kinds of cancer.

Large studies indicate especially colon cancer is increased, but more studies need to be done to make solid scientific proof either way. It should be pointed out that most use of HGH is done out of sight of researchers so little knowledge is gained.

Many Users Report Anecdotal Evidence Of Belly Fat Reduction

abdominal exercisesAnecdotal evidence is that which is reported by many people but hasn’t been investigated scientifically and considered to be absolute truth.

However, when thousands of users of a particular hormone report the exact same results, it tends to have a certain amount of evidential weight.

Many people have indicated a slow and gradual decrease in the fat that has accumulated around their midsection while taking HGH, even those that have not endeavored to do abdominal exercises.

Our Growth Hormone Levels Peak At Around 21 Years Old

Starting at about age 21, our serum blood levels of HGH begin to slowly decrease, then around 40 we’re considered lacking because the levels have retreated below what would be considered normal, and then of course, at near 80 years old we are existing on about 5% of the level that we had at 21.

This is one of the reasons that many researchers believe taking replacement hormones would help in the fight against aging. Most studies show that by maintaining at least average levels of hormones in our body, the age-related bone loss, muscle loss and lack of cell replacement, could be decreased, while increasing life expectancy.

Growth Hormone Seems To Help People Lose Weight, Some More Than Others

Of course, in today’s society many people are looking for a magic pill that can help them lose weight, and gain muscle, without doing any kind of dieting or exercise whatsoever. As it happens growth hormone can do that to a very small extent, but it works thousands times better when combined with an exercise program as that is more intoned to what it’s purpose in the body is supposed to be.

Once people have developed more muscle in their bodies their at rest metabolism increases because muscle is like an engine constantly running, while fat is more like a giant cargo slowing you down.

Good And Bad Cholesterol Levels Are Also Affected By Growth Hormone

High density lipoprotein cholesterolScientists discovered that the HDL cholesterol levels increased by nearly 20% thereby giving people a more healthy ratio between the good and bad cholesterol. New studies are being done all the time to investigate more links between hormones and cholesterol.

Growth hormones do have many healthy uses in the human body, as a cure for age-related diseases, and also as an overall fountain of youth for many different bodily organs. As with any drug or hormone, overuse and abuse can have completely unknown side effects and should be avoided at all cost.


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