Some Human Growth Hormone Benefits For Women


Every woman would love to find the fountain of youth and many claim to have found it in human growth hormone. As we age our pituitary gland secretes less of this hormone. By the time most women have reached the age of 30 it’s rapidly declining. By age 40 most women are showing signs of aging in the form of wrinkles, looser skin and weight gain. By age 50 it’s much more pronounced and women are often having difficulty hiding the signs of aging that human growth hormone once stalled.

improves skin toneHuman growth hormone is responsible for producing collagen which improves skin tone, muscle composition and body fat. That tight skin that looks great on a teen or young woman in her 20s is created by the production of human growth hormone in her pituitary gland.

As women age their bodies tend to begin hanging on to that body fat and their metabolisms slow. Thus women tend to gain weight and lose the elasticity in their skin which can make it turn  loose, thin and flabby.

This is why many women turn to growth hormone injections. It often makes them feel as if they are back in their late teens or 20s in lieu of approaching middle age. It gives their skin a more youthful appearance and helps them to feel better about themselves.

While many women swear by the affects of these injections, many others are wondering just what benefits it actually gives them and how healthy it is for them in the long run.

According to doctors, it does have a good place in the medicinal world. It can treat growth issues in children who have certain medical conditions. It can help a person regulate blood sugar and some athletes swear by how great it boosts their metabolisms. However, its use remains a legal gray area as far as using it as a fountain of youth. Still, many women refuse to age gracefully and insist upon such treatments. There are some doctors that will willingly go so far as to give them such treatment as they search for the fountain of youth.

According to doctors, it’s an ideal way for women who are overweight to lose that excess weight. Synthetic versions of the hormone can help to improve muscle gain while ensuring fat loss. For some women, this is enough evidence that they need it and they are on board immediately for this ideal fat loss treatment.

L-ArginineThere are also natural versions of this hormone that can be derived from amino acids like Lysine and L’Arginine. When taken before bed these are said to improve the levels of growth hormone in a womans body.

Getting plenty of sleep will also help. If sleep issues are preventing sleep, consider adding in some melatonin. This addition to the bedtime routine should help to improve restorative sleep and improve a womans levels of this hormone.

By improving human growth hormone levels women are deriving many great benefits that they would not otherwise be receiving.

More endurance. Let’s face it, women do a lot in the world today from working a full time job to being a full time mom as well as a wife. They need all of the endurance they can get, and then some. Using this hormone can give them a much longer endurance level and help them to improve and increase production.

Lower cholesterol levels. As we age we often have an increase in heart disease and cholesterol. By remaining healthy and lowering cholesterol we are remaining healthy longer and enjoying longer lives.

Using such hormones can also help to regulate hormonal balance by keeping levels of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone all on par with what the body needs. Any increase or decrease in the levels can throw the body off balance and human growth hormones can help to regulate these hormonal levels.

bloating abdominUnfortunately, along with these great benefits, they are also finding some pitfalls that of course must be considered.

It’s very expensive to receive this treatment and thus not available to every woman who would like it. Another pitfall is that the injections must be given at regular intervals. Injections can be very painful as well as expensive.

Growth hormone injections can also cause bloating and fluid retention in the body. This can in turn cause some weight gain and make the body appear puffy or bloated.

Growth hormones can also increase glucose levels which can in turn present a case of diabetes. It’s important to monitor glucose levels when using growth hormones. While this doesn’t happen to everyone who uses this treatment, it can happen to many and they must learn to closely monitor their condition in order to prevent diabetes.

Clearly there are many benefits of using human growth hormones for women. From improving their weight to improving their skin elasticity, many feel that this is the ideal fountain of youth. There are plenty of ways to get such treatments and a lot of natural versions of the treatments as well.

The added benefit of how it can treat hormonal imbalance makes this a treatment that is often sought out to improve a woman’s quality of life and her life span as well.

From improved skin tone to more balanced hormonal levels and even improved hearing, it may well be the best possible treatment for many women.

Injection sites can also become infected easily and be even more painful.


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