Side Effects Of Hgh Overdose


Human growth hormone or HGH therapy is when you are treated with actual growth hormones in the form of HGH injections. Human growth injections are completely different to taking human growth hormone releasers that stimulate the body’s production of human growth hormones.

 human growth hormone injectionsOverdosing of actual human growth hormone injections are quite possible and adverse side effects will eventually follow such overdose situation. These injections are really expensive, and most of us may not be able to afford them even if need them so badly.

A HGH injection is where the human growth hormone is manufactured in a form of serum and injected to a person who needs it, so that it will be distributed through the bloodstream.

HGH injections are used only with a doctor’s prescription to treat growth deficiencies in children. They are not used in any way as a performance enhancer in adults.

The HGH supplements are available for using as performance enhancers by adults. These supplements would stimulate the pituitary gland in producing the required HGH naturally in the body once again.

Human growth hormones are essential in reversing aging and many other important mind and body functions. Bone and skin regeneration is one of the main tasks of the human growth hormone. It is also helpful in adding muscle mass, improving the skin condition and giving back the sexual prowess and much more.

It is also helpful in adding muscle massIt is important in maintaining overall wellness in a human being. The HGH supplements are much safer and affordable in comparison to the HGH injections. They have no side effects as with injections.

Anytime you inject a large amount of foreign hormones into your body, there is a risk of side effects. This is true when you inject HGH injections too. There is fear among the medical community that high doses of human growth hormones injected may promote some cancers.

High doses of HGH is said to promote arthralgias of the joints, insulin resistance, fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, gynecomastia and severe headaches.

There are many other side effects of overdosing on human growth hormones. Liver damage, abnormal growth of bones and connective tissues a.k.a. agromegaly, heart enlargement, excessive body hair and lower blood sugar are some of the most common in this regard. Prolonged usage of human growth hormone is not advisable without a prescription from a qualified physician.

Even the supplement form should not be taken for long periods of times at a stretch. HGH also depletes potassium and restricts the actions of insulin. Diabetic patients are advised to use HGH releasers with extreme care. They should never use HGH supplements without the doctor’s advise. L-ornithine and L-Arginine included in these supplements can either improve or worsen diabetic conditions.

Creutzveldt Jacob DiseaseCreutzveldt Jacob Disease is a rare disease caused by the overdosing of HGH releasers. It is a brain condition with a higher percentage of fatalities. The disease will never occur while the HGH content is naturally high in the body.

But artificial use of the compound can ignite the disease. The side effects are more prone to appear when the recombinant DNA variety of HGH is used as a releaser.

There are several more side effects of using HGH in overdoses. Hence you must be very careful when using HGH releasers or supplements. It is always better to consult your doctor before using such supplements. This is the best way to be safe and healthy along the way.

This article will help you to make an informed decision when you decide to use a human growth hormone releaser or supplement. Staying safe is always advised whatever you decide to do.


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