Is Jintropin Acutally HGH


The benefits of human growth hormone have been known for many decades. It is a peptide hormone that is produced by the body, especially as we are going through puberty, to help us fully developed. It allows us to reach our full height, and provides many other benefits. It is directly related to the production of IGF-1 hormone which is responsible for the full development of our organs and cells throughout our body.

HGH SupplementsAs we get older, the amount of HGH that is produced by the pituitary gland begin to diminish dramatically. It is as if the brain recognizes that the body is done fully developing, and therefore cuts back on production.

However, if you are able to boost the amount of growth hormone in your body, either by injections or by taking natural supplements, there are many benefits that can keep you feeling younger, and also looking younger, as many studies have shown.

There is another product called Jintropin which many people wonder if it is the same as GH hormone. Let’s take a look at what human growth hormone is, what it does, and how it relates to Jintropin.

An Overview Of GH Hormone

Human growth hormone is one of the most beneficial hormones that your body can create. It is a single chain amino acid polypeptide that is produced in a specific part of the pituitary gland. Since it is a stress hormone, that is why there is such a heavy production of it during puberty.

Our body is going through extensive changes, and as a result of the stress we are under, the pituitary gland goes into overdrive. There are many benefits to using HGH when we are older, some of which we will now present.

Benefits Of Growth Hormone

muscles massThere are many benefits of growth hormones, many of which have been documented by official studies. Many bodybuilders will take supplements to increase GH production, or injections of synthetic human growth hormone.

Because it can increase your overall strengths, build muscle mass, and also increase testosterone levels which are essential for extensive muscle building.

Another benefit is that lowers the amount of body fat that you have, especially in the gut area, limiting the number of adipose cells that are created from carbohydrates. For those that are concerned about organs in their body, it has also been shown to help with heart, kidney, and liver health and production. There are many men that lose their hair early, right around the time GH production starts to go down.

Some studies have actually shown that their hair will actually start to go back when taking HGH supplements. Some final benefits include improving your skin condition, developing stronger bones, and improving your immune system. All of these benefits are why people often call this a literal fountain of youth hormone.

Problems Associated With HGH

In a limited amount of studies, it has been shown that growth hormone has caused a few problems. By using large amounts of GH, insulin sensitivity was reduced. Other studies have shown that people that took HGH regularly did not experience any of the aforementioned benefits at all.

Whether you decide to use synthetic HGH injections, which can be prescribed by your doctor, or if you choose to use HGH boosters to naturally cause your pituitary gland to start functioning in overdrive once again, your ability to increase growth hormone levels, for most people, is going to improve your health and your life. There is another growth hormone, Jintropin, which is often confused with HGH. Let’s take a look at what Jintropin actually is and if you should use it or not.

What Is Jintropin?

jintropin hghJintropin is the result of recomment DNA technology, similar to how synthetic GH hormone is produced. It has the exact sequence of amino acids that human growth hormone has, and is actually used to treat GH deficiencies.

Although approved for use in China, the United States has not approved it yet. Controversy surrounds the possibility that this company was actually shipping to the United States, yet in regard to what it is able to do, it is the same as synthetic HGH.

If you would like to improve the way that you feel, improved the functionality of your internal organs, and have the ability to build muscle mass faster than ever before, you might consider getting HGH injections or taking supplements that can boost its production.

Supplements that can help with GH production will always include L-arginine and L-lysine, to amino acids that work together to help boost growth hormone in your body. By taking these supplements every day, or if you are able to get a prescription for synthetic HGH, you will definitely see a dramatic improvement in your overall health by taking growth hormone regularly.


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