Is Hgh Available Over The Counter?


Human growth hormone is considered the master hormone in the human body that regulates growth and development. Human growth hormone or HGH in short, is a hormone that is being naturally produced in the pituitary gland and assists in various body functions.

injections or supplements in the marketHGH is produced in abundance in growing children until they reach puberty and start to decrease in production with aging.

HGH has been produced synthetically in the lab and could be purchased as injections or supplements in the market. The injection is the most potent out of the two and it is available on a prescription by a qualified physician.

The past few years have seen a tremendous demand for health and beauty supplements in the market. HGH is produced as a supplement that stimulates the production of human growth hormones in aging people.

It is helpful in enhancing the health and beauty of individuals who consume the supplement.

This variety of HGH supplement could be taken over the counter without any prescription from a doctor. There are different brands of HGH supplements manufactured by different companies and all these are considered dietary supplements, which makes them eligible to be sold over the counter.

HGH is not a steroid and it is completely legal to obtain HGH supplements over the counter. Other than the HGH injection, which is quite expensive and not sold over the counter, other HGH supplements are available in any pharmacy or supermarket for sale.

ordered via the internet tooThese products could be ordered via the internet too. Ordering via the internet is easy as you can deal directly with the manufacturer of the product and avoid the middleman.

This will help to save your valuable time and money in the process. You will get a money back guarantee when ordering the supplements over the internet from the website of the company. This is not the case when buying HGH from a pharmacy or a supermarket. There will not be any money back guarantee with them.

HGH supplements are available in the form of tablets, capsules, oral sprays, dietary supplements and HGH anti aging products which are approved by the FDA. These products are helpful in supporting the body to stimulate HGH production naturally by supplying all the required amino acids and vital nutrients.

These products don’t contain any HGH in them but stimulate the body to produce HGH naturally. Hence these products could be purchased over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

 children needs a prescription from the doctorOn the other hand, products with pure HGH that is used to treat certain growth deficiencies in children needs a prescription from the doctor.

HGH injections are administered to improve muscle mass and discourage muscle wastage. Children or adults with growth deficiency disorders need to take HGH injections to maintain the required HGH levels in the bloodstream.

Many athletes and sports personnel purchase HGH supplements over the counter and use them to enhance their performances and increase stamina.

They maintain energy and stamina for longer periods by using these over the counter HGH supplements. In most of the countries in the world, HGH supplements are legal and could be obtained over the counter.

The USA is also included in these countries. Online e-commerce stores are selling these products quite successfully. Most of the supplements are purchased online from these e-commerce stores. This is the easiest way to buy HGH supplements as you have the freedom to choose the best brand by comparing numerous brands in the market.

Customer reviews are a better way of comparing various products and choosing the best brand to suit your requirement. Get your HGH supplement and reverse the aging process right now.


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