Is Hair Loss A Side Effect Of Human Growth Hormone?


Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is a powerful hormone with amazing benefits. It can reverse aging, aid in building muscle and keep you looking and feeling young. HGH is secreted by your pituitary gland.nice body

You secrete large amounts of it in your youth. It helps your body grow. As we age, the production of this hormone slows down. By the time we reach old age our bodies only make about a fourth of what we did when we were young.

Taking synthetic HGH can restore hormone levels, but is it safe? HGH consumption does have some side effects and hair loss can be one of them.

Many people take HGH over the counter in supplement form. Another highly effective way to take it is by injecting it so it goes directly into your blood stream. This requires a doctor’s prescription however, and can be expensive. You must also take it constantly if you want the levels to stay high.

That costs money. HGH also has side effects. Hair loss, joint pain, swelling, irregular heart rhythms, and diabetes have been seen in people who abuse HGH.

Taking HGH is very effective for body builders and others who want to increase lean muscle mass. Others can benefit from the youthful feel and look this hormone provides. Currently, HGH is approved by the FDA. It is also approved for treating short bowel syndrome and HIV in adults.

Most people who use HGH use it for reasons that are not approved by the FDA, like improving performance and reversing aging. Potential side effects of HGH are nerve and joint pain. Some people experience swelling. You may notice your ankles getting larger.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is another possible side effect. It will hurt when you type or use your fingers. Your skin may start to tingle and feel numb. Overuse can even elevate your cholesterol levels.

When it comes to human growth hormone and hair loss, opinions are mixed. Many people swear that it increases hair growth, while it seems to have the opposite effect on others.


HGH can encourage the growth of new hair, slow its shedding and slow down the graying process. Hair loss and graying are symptoms of aging.

As HGH mimics youth in adults, it stands to reason that it could slow down hair loss. In fact, studies have shown that 30 percent of adults experience improved hair color and textures.

A smaller percentage actually report new hair growth. Scientists seem to think that HGH reverses the aging of hair follicles. This allows the body to start growing hair again.

Think of HGH as a master growth hormone. Each and every part of the body is affected. Cells, muscles, bones and internal organs are all affected by HGH. When our HGH levels are low we have less energy, our hair starts to fall out, muscles mass is converted to fat, and heart disease sets in.

Taking HGH supplements can reverse these symptoms in as little as four months and continue to deliver benefits for a year. The goal is to get your HGH levels to that of a young adult.

When our human growth levels fall we can expect to gain weigh each year, our skin gets thicker, and we tire easily. Osteoporosis is another side effect of low human growth hormone levels. Our immunity decreases as well. Senility can set in and general body atrophy occurs.

The benefits of taking HGH are much more than reversing hair loss. Muscle growth and a decrease in fat is a common benefit. Skin texture is also improved which makes you look younger. Your wrinkles start to go away, and in some people osteoporosis is reversed.

It’s easier for your body to heal from injuries. Cuts heal faster and your body becomes resistant to infections. The quality of your sleep is better and your exercise routing becomes more workout

For those trying to lose weight, HGH increases the metabolism allowing the body to burn more fat. You will notice increased stamina, muscle strength and improved endurance during your workouts.

Some people eventually look a decade younger after they start taking HGH. Your skin becomes more elastic, and of course your hair regains thickness and color. Your nails become stronger.

Some women have reported that their cellulite decreases. Your energy and mental outlook can improve once you start taking HGH. If you are depressed, you’ll notice your mode improving. Thinking becomes easier and you mind becomes more alert.

If you are wondering if human growth hormone causes hair loss, the answer is probably not. The best thing to do is to see for yourself how HGH affects your hair. When you start taking HGH be sure to know what you are actually getting. HGH that is too cheap could be counterfeit and potentially dangerous. Make sure to buy high quality HGH.


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