Important Things to Know About Growth Hormone Injections


Growth Hormone Injection

Growth hormone injections are the artificial from of human growth hormone (HGH). Several researches are conducted and proved the efficiency of HGH injections. HGH was developed to help children with abnormal growth, and the administration of HGH injections helped improve their conditions. This is the reason why HGH injections are still widely used.

Facts about Growth Hormone Injections

There was a certain time period where HGH injections were prohibited in the United States. Moreover, administering these injections was considered illegal. During that time, anyone who needs to use HGH injections would have to acquire it illegally from other countries. The use of synthetic HGH injections seemed to be a major concern during that time. Few years later, administering HGH injections became legal. However, you can only use it with the prescription of a doctor.

Growth hormone has extraordinary impact on the growth of a person and improves stamina. Because of this, there are many professional athletes and body builders that start to abuse HGH injections. The effects of HGH injections are similar to the effects of anabolic steroid and could not be detected easily in most urine drug tests. Moreover, you will have a high chance to become a victim of side effects in case you are using HGH injections without a prescription from a doctor.

Intake of Growth Hormone Injections

Growth hormone injections are normally taken daily or several times a week. You need to visit a doctor who has prescribed HGH injection daily in order to get an injection. There are some doctors who will prescribe self-administration and guide you on how to do it. Self-administration HGH injections are as simple as diabetic patients do. You can do it on your own because the find and tiny needles and syringes make the self-administration very easy. However, HGH injections are extremely costly ranging from $1000 to $3000 per month. High quality brands of HGH injections in the United States cost more than other brands.

Growth Hormone Injections to tryThe growth hormone used for injections are in powder form and will be mixed with bacteriostatic water prior to administering it. After being mixed with water, it remains stable for a short period of time and needs to be stored in a cool place. Also, it is necessary to refrigerate the HGH powder. You should not expect to get full benefits of human growth hormone from HGH injections because it is a synthetic one. Administering HGH injections need to be your last resort. Normally, doctors will prescribe non-injectable HGH products to improve the production and secretion of HGH naturally and safely.


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