Human Growth Hormones And The Law


Human growth hormone (HGH) is one of the many secretions of the pituitary gland in the human body. It is classified as a polypeptide hormone and it stimulates normal body growth. At infants the rate at which this hormone is released is quite high. This rate naturally declines and at the age of 30 – 35 years, its production ceases.

HGH Injection and PillsBeyond that age, synthetic forms of the human growth hormone are artificially injected into the bloodstream. The development and subsequent use of these artificial strands is highly regulated by law. Athletes, professional body builders and people battling with ageing are the major consumers of artificially synthesized growth hormones.

The legality surrounding the use of HGH for certain purposes has generated heated debates all over. Should athletes be allowed to boost their physical performances using HGH? Are there legally acceptable brands of growth hormones that athletes can use? At what point does the law draw the line between legal and illegal when it comes to HGH?

To Better Tackle The Legalities Of The Issue, Let’s First Highlight The Forms Of HGH That Are Known. These Are:

1) Biological Or Natural Human Growth Hormone

This is the form that is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland. It promotes normal bodily growth in infants and adolescents. It is also responsible for the development of major internal organs as well as promoting the immune system.

2) Synthetic Or Artificial Human Growth Hormone

This is a laboratory prepared hormone that was developed to remedy some body malfunctions. It can be used for medical purposes like for babies whose bodies can’t produce the hormone naturally or for HIV/AIDS patients.

3) Supplements

These are pills or sprays which upon contact with the body, trigger the pituitary gland to start secreting the hormone. The distinction between supplements and synthetic growth hormones is that in the latter case, the hormone is physically induced into the bloodstream through injections. Supplements are especially favored by professional athletes and body builders.

It now becomes easier to delve into the legality of using human growth hormones. The next question we need to ask is, what forms of the human growth hormone are considered illegal?

HGH supplements for MusclesGrowth hormonal supplements are very much legal in the actual sense of the term. This is mainly because they only stimulate the body to produce more hormones. This means that the cellular reproduction or regeneration is natural to a large extent.

Synthetics on the other hand are highly regulated and considered illegal in some countries. This being the case, you cannot use synthetic growth hormones without a doctor’s prescription.

The development of the hormones is also subjected to close scrutiny by the authorities. This is mainly due to the fact that uncontrolled usage of synthetic HGH can significantly alter the genetic composition of your body, resulting to body malfunctions and disorders.

The Law Has Pretty Much Nothing To Do With The Biologically Stimulated Growth Hormone

Which Uses Of The Human Growth Hormone Are Considered To Be Against The Law?

Human growth hormone is rapidly becoming popular in the black market. Rich individuals who have the money and desperate to enhance some physical aspects of their bodies make up a significant percentage of the abusers. The following are some of the illegal uses of HGH.

  • When it is being taken to improve an athlete’s field performance
  • When it is illegally purchased to reduce the effects of ageing in the old
  • When it is used by body builders to stimulate rapid muscle growth

The penalty for abusing human growth hormones ranges from mild to severe depending on the circumstances. This synthetic injection is developed and distributed without government approval. More often than not, the procedure goes wrong and the outcome can be disastrous.

Who Are The Largest Abusers?

The primary consumers of illegal HGH that have aided so much in popularizing the trade are:

  • Mainstream athletes
  • Professional bodybuilders
  • Aging adults, and
  • Celebrities

What Are The Legal Uses Of The Human Growth Hormone?

Turners SyndromeThere is a good number of approved brands available in pharmacies. These are the ones that have met the fundamental standards that have been set by concerned or relevant authorities.

A written doctor’s prescription is usually required when purchasing these drugs from registered pharmacies. These uses include:

  • Prescriptions given to children suffering from Turner’s syndrome
  • HIV/AIDS patients who need to counter the wasting effects of the disease
  • Infants who are suffering from HGH deficiencies
  • Patients who have a significantly low level of bone minerals, among others

Which Distribution Methods are Considered Illegal?

Distribution becomes a problem when the drugs are illegally prescribed to the patients. An illegal prescription is one that goes beyond the boundaries of what the law considers as the legal use of the drug. This can be for enhancing of an athlete’s performance or when given as an anti-ageing compound.

Other Categories That Collide With The Law Include:

  • Smuggled human growth hormones
  • Counterfeit HGH products, and
  • Stolen HGH products

The debate about the legalities of HGH will still continue for some time. With a people possessed with retaining their youth and vitality, more research needs to be done and better forms of HGH developed to meet the market demands.


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