Human Growth Hormone Stimulators – Do They Really Live Up to The Hype?


Great buzz has been surrounding human growth hormone stimulators also popularly known as HGH. The popular supplements are known for their role in development and human growth among other emerging benefits. Nowadays, HGH is being used for different reasons especially in boosting growth and catalyzing metabolism.

So, What Is HGH?

sexual responsivenessHuman Growth Hormone just like its name suggests, is a hormone secreted from the pituitary gland in the brain. As we age, our bodies tend to drastically lower HGH production hence slowing metabolism alongside slowed cell production. In fact, recent research has shown that this loss of HGH in the body is the main reason we age.

Interestingly, HGH is responsible for skin cell production and growth and when this is taken away, aging effects begin taking a toll.

Other bodily functions attached to HGH include; sexual responsiveness, muscle growth, brain function, memory, metabolism, and of course weight loss among others. Note that as these are the areas that we suffer first, when we age.

Do HGH Stimulators Really Work?

According to research, HGH is known to be effective in weight loss. HGH which is meant to stimulate growth in kids and teenagers declines significantly when in our twenties. This poses as a challenge to some as the slow metabolism rate that comes with this decline, may lead to weight loss. In fact, research has revealed that obese adults have lower HGH levels than normal adults. Owed to its efficiency in muscle growth and fat burning, HGH does work in regards to weight loss.

In regards to ageing, HGH also plays a lead role in slowing down the rate of ageing. As a teenager, our skin is at its prime where it looks soft and rejuvenated. However, as HGH levels drop as we age, the skin tone begins to change, becoming uneven. This is when wrinkles start appearing and the skin slackens.

Basically, you do not have the skin cell regeneration power that you once had as a youth and by increasing HGH in the body, you are able to counter the aging effects. The HGH stimulator can be ingested, injected or stimulating the body to produce its own.

muscle growthAs earlier stated, HGH stimulators play a pivotal role in muscle growth and energy production. This is why most kids and teenagers usually have extra energy to burn unlike you. It is meant to boost growth and spur muscle growth in youths and by using HGH, you can also build on muscles.

Even though it is not as effective as it is in other areas, when combined with the right diet and minimal training, HGH can really work magic on your muscles and overall body structure.

When the hormone drops in our bodies, metabolism is slowed as we saw; causing fat storage in the body hence obesity. This can be avoided and the fat turned to muscle by stimulating the hormone in the body. Basically, it works at increasing your body mass without necessarily affecting your weight.

What AreTthe Different Types Of HGH Stimulators?

There are four known types of HGH stimulators available today besides its natural production in the body. These include releasers, sprays, patches and injections. Of all the four, injections serve as the most expensive and to some extent, the most effective too. HGH injections can be issued with a prescription.

However, it is important to note that some injections contain HGH in its synthetic form mainly used in hormone replacement therapy. Initially developed to be used by children with growth disorders, the injections are now available for use by adults at least three times a day for it to bear visible results. Most consider it as the fountain of youth attributed to its efficiency combating aging effects.

taking hgh sprayThe most popular stimulators are the HGH sprays; a factor that can be attached to its ease of use and simplistic nature. It is a fact that most people do not like injections as they try to avoid hospitals as much as they can. These HGH sprays are in fact available to people without a prescription and usually contain few side effects if any at all.

The bottom line is that HGH stimulators can be very beneficial to the body but only if used under medical supervision. Most people tend to abuse HGH stimulators by overdosing or not following the proper dosing instructions all in the name of achieving faster results.

This is wrong and may cause serious side effects on the body. Before choosing a HGH stimulator, it would be in your best interest to extensively consult with your doctor so as to find out which of the above four types will work best for you. It is therefore in order to say that HGH stimulators do work, but only if used in the proper and intended manner.


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