Human Growth Hormone For Children And Side Effects


Nowadays, most adults are now using HGH or Human Growth Hormone for body enhancement purposes. Unknown to some, HGH is not for beautification purposes, but rather for children who are suffering from growth issues. Some children have stunted growth, all because of their HGH deficiency or inability to produce enough amounts to boost their growth. Yes, HGH injections were originally for children’s needs. In the beginning, doctors extracted HGH from the pituitary glands of cadavers.

Unfortunately, this method was very time consuming and very expensive. It was also too risky, as it can cause contamination with other human pathogens that may cause the so-called “Creutzfeld-Jacob” disease. The question now is Human Growth Hormone for children has side effects? If so, what are these side effects?

Fortunately, as time passes by, the evolution of HGH production has improved. From cadavers as the main source of HGH, now through research, techniques and development, the production of HGH is now highly improved without causing too deadly side effects. Thanks to technology, production of HGH now does not pose any threat to a child’s health, provided a doctor approves the use of such hormone.

Human Growth Hormone For Children

Growth Hormone For ChildrenHGH has two different cycles, the direct cycle and the indirect cycle. When we say direct cycle, it simply refers to the ability of the HGH to bind to its target cells through its receptors while for the indirect cycle, the HGH is first released when a person is asleep and then processed by the liver.

After liver processing, it comes out in a form of IGF-1 or Insulin like Growth Factor Type 1 that will now have a powerful effect on the growth of a person as it promotes enhanced metabolism. Children now with stunted growth can then get treatments with HGH.

Human Growth Hormone For Children And Its Side Effects

All things come with both the positive and the negative side effects and HGH injection is not an exception. If we look at the brighter side, indeed HGH injection comes with many positive effects for children with growth issues. However, there are also negative side effects HGH can do. Knowing what human growth hormone for children side effects is important. Here is some of its minor side effect to note:

  • skin rashFeeling bloated
  • Abdominal pain
  • Blurring of vision
  • Episodes of headache
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Occurrence of skin rash
  • Skin itching
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Noticeable enlargement of your breasts
  • Occurrence of joint pains
  • Pain of your muscles
  • Fatigue
  • Noticeable swelling of extremities

The above-mentioned side effects are minor ones. Most children can tolerate them. Sometimes, the need to take an HGH injection is more important. You and your doctor will have to weigh things out. The doctor can remedy any minor side effects. Doctors usually consider human growth hormone side effects before prescribing it for children. Parents then learn what to expect and what to do in case any of these minor side effects do occur.

HGH For Normal Children: A Bad Idea

HGH injection for children with disability or problem with their growth may produce little to no side effects, which doctors consider normal. However, what happens is a child gets an HGH injection despite having a normal HGH level? If a normal, healthy child receives an HGH injection, you may expect to see serious side effects.

colorectal cancerHuman Growth Hormone for children and its side effects can be serious. It can lead to diabetes and the growth of bones and internal organs are affected abnormally. The heart, liver and the kidneys may be affected and even the arteries may be hardened.

Occurrence of high blood pressure at such a young age may also be possible. Cancer development may also be noted, specifically colorectal cancer in a child’s latter years.

Of course, you can expect an excessive growth of the bones due to high level of HGH. When administering, do not undermine the amount of human growth hormone for children and its side effects.

When To Stop HGH Treatment For Children

According to experts, HGH treatment should end as soon as the child reaches the desired height. When undergoing HGH treatment, it is usually done in a timely manner, wherein the parents or significant others of the child will see results in three to four months. Undergoing human growth hormone for children side effects include an improved appetite and fast reduction of body fats, which are normal.

This is because HGH injections are effective, which a lot of older and newer medical research backs up. So, when your child reaches an acceptable height for his or her age, make sure to stop the treatment in order to avoid serious side effects in the latter years. No child should feel different or unworthy just because they aren’t growing at the same rate as their peers. With a doctor’s help, your child can catch up safely and without any problems.


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