Human Growth Hormone Dosage – What Is Safe?


There are many supplements on the market today which promised to improve your health. Some are designed to help you lose weight, increase your metabolism, and also give you more energy. In most cases, each of these Human Growth Hormone supplimentssupplements is able to achieve these results on their own, but multiple ones must be taken together in order to improve your body in the aforementioned ways.

There is one supplement that you can take that has all of these benefits, and many more. It is called human growth hormone. Although this was once taken from cadavers, it is now created in laboratories, and people can receive regular injections of this supplement at their doctor’s office.

This article will look at the benefits associated with continually using HGH, and the proper dosage that you should be taking in order to see the best results.

Understanding What Human Growth Hormone Is

HGH for healthy lifeGrowth hormone is a hormone naturally produced in the body and is produced in excess of amounts when a person is an adolescent. It is this time in a man or woman’s life when they are growing substantially, both in height, and in bodily changes. Growth hormone is very important because of the many important roles that it plays in the development of the human body.

Without it, people will be stunted in growth, and proper development of internal organs, as well as other hormones, can be diminished causing many health issues. Here are some of the primary benefits associated with growth hormone, and why taking GH on a regular basis can help you maintain a more active and healthy life.

Benefits Associated With GH

When you are able to get injections of growth hormone, it can help in many areas. People that have calcium deficiency, or the mineralization of their bones is not at optimal levels, GH hormone can help in these areas. It also promotes lipolysis, which is the use of lipoproteins in the construction of cellular walls in your body.

It also helps with routine synthesis, the stimulation of the growth of the organs within your body, with the exception of your brain. Homeostasis is also improved, as well as glycogen production within the liver. It can help with your pancreas, your immune system, and the overall functionality of your body.

Problems Associated With Excess Amounts Of HGH

HGH for HeightAlthough a very high amounts of GH is produced during adolescence, it is very necessary during this portion of your life.

All of your organs are growing, you are gaining height and size, and therefore it’s important to have your muscles and bones grow to proper levels. If you get HGH injections from your doctor, there is some concern in regard to having too much in your body after adolescence.

You can actually develop a pituitary tumor as a result of increasing GH levels, something called somatotroph adenomas. As with anything in the body, having too much is always a bad idea except when the body needs it to grow. It can also cause excess thickening of your toes, fingers and jawbones, resulting in the formations.

You may also develop carpal tunnel syndrome, problems with your nerves, and sexual difficulties that you did not have before. Although GH is an excellent hormone to take to improve sexual functionality, too much can actually cause the opposite effect. To avoid developing these tumors, and the problems associated with excess growth hormone in your body, moderation truly is the key to experiencing the benefits of this hormone opposed to the problems that it can cause.

Ways To Increase GH Naturally In Your Body

ProteinWhen you have proper levels of growth hormone, your body will function optimally. The reason that people get prescriptions for this hormone is to bring balance back to their system.

If they are unable to get a prescription for an injection, there are ways to create this naturally. By taking certain supplements, including amino acids, you can increase the production of it from your pituitary gland.

Rigorous exercise in short bursts has been shown to increase GH levels. Avoiding large amounts of sugar in your diet, and adding protein to your meals, can also increase its production. Oddly enough, getting plenty of sleep can also be beneficial in this area. Supplements that help you get a good night’s rest, including melatonin, has proven to be a great way to increase natural levels of HGH in your system.

Proper Dosage Of Human Growth Hormone

doctorIf you decide to generate extra amounts of growth hormone in your body using the natural supplements and techniques that we have mentioned, you won’t have to worry about the dosage that you get at your body will simply produce what it needs. If you do get injections, and they are not from a medical doctor, you have to be very careful about how much you inject.

A proper dose is usually limited to up to 8 IUs per day. If you have testosterone injections as well, you can lower the dosage to about half. Testosterone will naturally help you increase GH levels, helping you to get back to balance.

Growth hormone has been used for decades successfully to help people that produce low amounts of GH. Athletes that have used it were doping purposes have seen phenomenal changes in their athletic abilities.

By maintaining the proper dosage, either given by your doctor, or when ordering it from outside of the United States without a prescription, by maintaining optimal levels of growth hormone in your system, you can look forward to improved health and energy levels by using this natural supplement.


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