How Long Will a Vial of HGH Last After Preparation


HGH , or Human Growth Hormone, is frequently used by strength athletes because of the benefits that it offers in terms of improved muscle function and faster recovery times. Until just a few decades ago, HGH was used only when it was absolutely medically necessary, because the only way to acquire HGH was to harvest it from cadavers.

More recently, however, a synthetic form of HGH called smoatropin has been developed. This drug is a recombinant form of HGH and it is bioidentical to the pure form of the hormone. There are many different kinds of HGH, and while most are quite effective, they are all quite fragile and must be taken care of carefully and kept refrigerated to prevent them decaying.

How Long Does a Vial of HGH Last?

Prescription for hghHGH must be prescribed by a qualified medical professional. Doctors can prescribe HGH for hormone deficiencies, impaired growth and a range of other medical conditions. Most doctors will prescribe a course of HGH that will run for several months, because it can take a long time for the benefits to kick in.

In some cases, HGH will be prescribed alongside other hormone replacements. Women may take HGH alongside estrogen and progesterone, while men may take it alongside testosterone to augment the benefits of the HGH.

Usually, HGH is supplied in the form of a freeze-dried powder and a separate vial of completely sterile, bacteriostatic liquid. It is important that the powder is mixed with this liquid, not with normal distilled water or tap water. Use the supplied liquid to dissolve the HGH powder, following the directions on the packet. Gently agitate the solution to ensure that it is mixed, but do not shake it vigorously.

A vial of HGH will last 3-5 weeks if it is kept in the fridge from the moment it is mixed. Some HGH manufacturers recommend erring on the side of caution and using vials within 3 weeks to ensure that the HGH being taken is as close to maximum potency as possible, however as long as the HGH is stored at the correct temperature the vial should actually stay safe to use and potent for 5-6 weeks. Beyond that date, potency will decline and you will not be able to predict how strong the doses you are taking actually are.

It is important that freeze-dried HGH powder and sterile vials are kept in a dry environment at room temperature. If they are stored in this environment then they should last for a year or more – or until the expiration date printed on the vial. If you live in a warm environment (80 degrees Fahrenheit or more) then you should keep the freeze-dried HGH in the fridge to keep it as potent as possible.

Preserving HGH

syringes hghIdeally, you should mix up one vial of HGH at a time and use that vial before preparing the next one. If you are not confident in your ability to prepare HGH correctly, or simply do not have the time or space to worry about preparation and storage, you can order pre-mixed vials from many pharmacies.

They will send out the syringes via an overnight courier and the syringes will be sent out on ice so they will still be potent when they reach you.

When you are using your HGH, take care when pulling the liquid from the diluent vial into your syringe slowly and carefully, making sure that air bubbles are not allowed to enter the syringe. This is particularly important when the vial is starting to get empty, because it is easy to accidentally pull too much air into the syringe. Never shake HGH solutions; this will cause the solution to foam, and some of the solution will get stuck to the side of the vial, which means that you will not be able to extract it properly.

Storing HGH Without a Fridge

If you do not have access to a refrigerator, you can still use HGH, however you must be aware that it will lose its potency very quickly. When stored at room temperature, HGH solutions are stable for up to 24 hours. If you are travelling, you should try to keep your HGH in a CoolPack to help it retain its potency.

CoolPack MiniBe aware, however, that a CoolPack which is too cold can be just as harmful as one that is too warm. If HGH freezes, then it will lose its potency. If at all possible, transfer the HGH from the CoolPack to a fridge once you get to your destination.

The lifespan of HGH will depend on the brand that you have chosen. If it is prepared properly with bacteriostatic water then you should find that it will last for several weeks. Some say that their solutions can be prepared with sterile water instead of bacteriostatic water, but if you do this then the lifespan of the hormone will be much shorter.

If you have any concerns about the safety or potency of the HGH you are using, talk to your doctor. If you are ordering HGH from an online pharmacy, do not be embarrassed about sending some of the hormone to a lab for testing. Any good HGH vendor will be happy to cover the costs of a lab test with your first order, and will refund you if the lab test results are not satisfactory.


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