How Genetically Engineered Bacteria Can Create Large Quantities Of HGH


The human body is able to produce a vast amount of hormones, and multitude of different cholesterol-based messengers that allow us to function every day. Hormones are produced by many different organs in the body, and one of the most important ones is human growth hormone. You have more than likely heard of this hormone before, once considered to be the gateway to the fountain of youth.

human growth hormone for muscle massThis is an assumption made not only by science, but those that have used injections of this hormone to build significant amounts of muscle mass, second only to what steroids can do.

Those that took it decades ago, and those that take it today, are well aware of its ability to help you feel better, have more energy, and theoretically help the regenerative process of cellular development, allowing people to stay younger for a longer period of time.

This hormone was once only accessible by extracting it from cadavers, but it can now be made in the laboratory. This is how thousands of people are able to purchase it from countries like China, and use regular injections.

This article will address how genetically engineered bacteria are now being used to create large quantities of human growth hormone, one of the most important and beneficial hormones that can be utilized to improve the human condition.

Why HGH Is So Important

Growth hormone is something that is produced by the pituitary gland, and is producing vast quantities of it during puberty. The reason for this hormone in the body is to trigger something called IGF-I, a protein created by the liver. Once this process get started, the growth of the human body can be accelerated, and the maintenance of existing cells can also be magnified and improved. This is why people that are in their later years will often look for ways to get growth hormone into their system to stay off the natural process of growing older.

How To Produce Growth Hormone Naturally

Since the only way that you can get human growth hormone legally in the United States is to get a prescription for it, this causes many people to go overseas. It has been used by many athletes to improve their athletic performance, and also to build muscle mass very quickly. Professional sports organizations have banned this particular substance because it gives an unfair advantage to those that are able to take it. It is expensive, sometimes costing upwards of $1000 every month to use the injections regularly.

You can produce this in your own body by doing certain things including increasing your intake of L-arginine and L-lysine at the same time. You can do extreme workouts, fasting, or sleeping extended periods of time in order to cause this hormone to be produced in excess. But for those that don’t have the time to do these workouts, or would prefer to simply have an injection, this demand worldwide for this option has caused scientists to develop ways of producing it much more quickly.

Creating Vast Quantities Of HGH From Genetically Engineered Bacteria

Hypopituitary dwarfismBack in the 1970s, a company by the name of Genetech was able to create a successful batch of human growth hormone using bacteria. Their announcement was on the coattails of their prior accomplishment which was producing human insulin using a similar type of technology. This protein-based hormone, made by the pituitary gland, can be used to treat many maladies.

Hypopituitary dwarfism can be treated successfully, a disease that happens in children, and for those that are interested in taking human growth hormone on a regular basis, due to this scientific breakthrough, it is now possible for thousands of people to have access to growth hormone because of how it can be produced in large quantities using this procedure.

For people that are concerned about staying as healthy as possible, and preserving the youth that they have, if you are not able to produce growth hormone as abundantly as you once did, you might want to consider adding this to your supplemental regimen. Growth hormone cannot be taken as a pill because it is destroyed by the gastrointestinal juices in your stomach, rendering it inert.

That’s why people need to learn how to take the injections, administering them with needles similar to how insulin is injected into the body, and by doing this on a regular basis, most people have seen positive results. There are some drawbacks to using this product which are obvious since cellular production will be increased. People that have abused growth hormone have noticeably larger heads, hands, and jawbone structure because of how this hormone continues to increase cellular production in these areas.

But for those that are simply trying to stay healthy, and are not interested in building mass quantities of muscle mass, or becoming the best athlete in the world, can simply benefit from all that human growth hormone has to offer by using this on a regular basis. Due to advancements in technology using bacteria, this is now an option for people that might consider ordering this hormone overseas.

Just make sure that you are purchasing it from a reliable company, one that other people have used and have commented about in a positive way, ensuring that you will be receiving genetically grown HGH that can improve your overall health.


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