Hormones for Health: What Kind of Doctor Prescribes HGH?


HGH, which stands for human growth hormone, is one of the topics of discussion when it comes to fitness and health. This is no longer surprising, especially since the multiple health benefits it can give have been discovered. Even though HGH is naturally produced by the body, its production starts to dwindle with old age.

However, there are individuals who produce less HGH than most people. These people have the condition called HGH deficiency. Children who have HGH deficiency usually have to deal with physical defects, such as being short in stature.

What is HGH Deficiency?

hgh child heightHGH deficiency, as its name suggest, happens when the pituitary gland does not produce the right levels of HGH the body needs. It is usually congenital, which means children who have this condition are cases wherein the deficiency started when they were born.

However, there are also instances when a medical condition causes HGH deficiency. A severe injury to the brain can also lead to this condition.

Some of the symptoms of HGH deficiency include slow growth for infants. Moreover, it has been discovered that children with cleft palate or cleft lip may also be suffering from this condition. Some teens also suffer from short height because of HGH deficiency.

This is the reason why medical science created synthetic HGH. Through this, the effects of having a HGH deficiency can be overcome. In fact, there are instances where teens were able to grow more inches once they started using synthetic HGH. However, it is important to get a proper prescription for HGH from a doctor.

This is actually pretty easy, since the child suspected with HGH deficiency just needs to undergo several tests to determine whether he or she really has the condition. Once the results come out positive, the doctor will then suggest synthetic HGH to the parent of the child.

There are some cases where adults would also want to take HGH, though. It is actually easier to take HGH for adults, since there are several HGH supplements sold online nowadays. However, getting HGH prescription from a doctor is still important. For this reason, what kind of doctor prescribes HGH?

What Kind of Doctor Prescribes HGH?

osteopathic medicineBefore one can take HGH though, a prescription is important. Hence, what kind of doctor prescribes HGH? For one, it is essential that the doctor is a practicing one. The doctor also needs to have years of experience when it comes to dealing with hormone deficiency.

However, not every medical doctor can easily prescribe you with the prescription you need. In fact, you need to undergo several tests before they will give it to you. Moreover, the results of the test should show you are suffering from HGH deficiency. If you are not, then expect your doctor to decline prescribing you HGH.

There are other ways you can get prescription through since there are doctors who will be willing to prescribe it to you. For instance, there are anti-aging doctors who often give prescriptions to their patients. A doctor of osteopathic medicine, or D.O., could also prescribe their patients with HGH. However, you need to ensure that the D.O you have consulted is one with experience when it comes to hormone replacement.

Overall, a person, especially an adult, can only get a HGH prescription if he or she is suffering from HGH deficiency. Thus, if you do not have any HGH deficiency, the chances of you getting prescription for HGH is mote. If some might simply give up on the idea, there are others who would choose to do it the illegal way.

All About Synthetic HGH

youthful appearance for hghYou might be wondering why there are so many people who are interested in increasing their HGH levels. The answer is actually obvious. It is because it can provide several benefits.

Aside from keeping you healthy, HGH is also essential in making you look and feel younger. This is the reason why people, mostly females, who want to retain their youthful look choose to take HGH supplements.

In addition, most bodybuilders have also found it beneficial in their training. Through taking HGH supplements they were able to increase their body muscle and core strength in a short time. Moreover, they were able to do more exercises, because they recovered quickly when taking HGH. It has been proven to increase energy levels, which means they had better stamina, as well.

With all the benefits HGH can provide, one should no longer wonder why it has become so popular nowadays. However, there are certain risks of taking HGH supplements without a prescription. For instance, even though taking HGH has been approved by the FDA, it is only for therapeutic purposes. This means any use of HGH aside from treating HGH deficiency and other related health conditions, one cannot take it. In fact, it would be illegal to use it aside from the uses specified by the FDA.

There are still some who are buying HGH supplements, though. Since it is widely available online, it is possible to buy it even without a doctor’s prescription. If want to avoid the potential side effects of taking over-the-counter HGH, it would be best to consult your doctor first. They can guide you towards the best HGH product for you.


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