Hormone Help: Can Women Take Hgh Injections?


HGH or Human Growth Hormone therapy is a hormone therapy, not only for children with stunted growth, but for women with hormonal deficiencies, as well. Women, as we all know, are prone to hormonal imbalances. They can occur at specific times in her life, such as when she goes through the puberty stage, pregnancy, and the menopausal stage.

osteoporosisAs you can see, women undergo many stages compared to men. This is why doctors often prescribe hormone therapy to women. You may be wondering, “Can women take HGH injections as they age?”

Indeed, women are more prone to osteoporosis as compared to men hence undergoing HGH therapy can be very helpful.

The only thing a woman who is about to try hormone therapy has to note is that synthetic growth hormones may come with side effects. Synthetic hormones are capable of increasing the cholesterol level of a person.

It can even cause the rise and fall of the glucose level of a person thereby enhancing the risk to develop diabetes mellitus or a possible heart problem.

This is why a medical expert must do your HGH therapy. It usually requires a prescription and several doctors’ visits to monitor the development of the treatment. You must be sure to arrive at the right levels of HGH in your body in order to use it safely.

Aging Women And HGH Therapy

Hgh injectionsCan women take HGH injections? Yes, they can, provided the levels of HGH are below normal or if they are suffering from other medical conditions like osteoporosis, obesity and more. Aging women also have poor immune system and are susceptible to infections; this is where HGH therapy comes in.

Because HGH therapy is beneficial and can increase or boost the immune system, women with low immune system can undergo HGH therapy with their doctor’s approval.

HGH helps boost cell generation and growth; it even enhances healing making it highly recommended for women with osteoporosis. Can women take HGH injections? There are different types of HGH. You can take them in injection forms, sprayed or orally. However, HGH injection is more effective.

Athlete Women And HGH

Aside from aging women with poor bone density and immune system, another great way to make use of HGH benefits is for athletes to boost or enhance their performance. Can women take HGH injections? Unknown to some, athlete women who are into strength training can benefit from HGH injections. HGH can boost the upper and lower strength of the body and it adds up to the development of lean body mass.

The best part of it is it can decrease total body fat, which most athletes find very useful. Experts believed that HGH enhances athlete’s behavior and performance. A study from back in 2010 shows that athletic women who took HGH were able to sprint faster when riding on a stationary bicycle, compared to other athlete women who didn’t take any HGH.

Obese And Health Conscious Women

DoctorCan women take HGH injections? Probably yes depending on your condition. If your doctor approves it, then you can certainly take HGH for weight loss purposes. HGH can enhance metabolism. Many people take it to increase metabolic activity, causing them to lose weight fast and easily.

This is why HGH therapy may reverse signs of aging, regardless of your age. It is also capable of boosting a woman’s energy level. Can women take HGH injections then? It depends on your HGH level, your health condition and your doctor.

Therefore, if you are still wondering if can women take HGH injections, the answer lies on your doctor and your condition. Again, HGH therapy is not for everyone. Having a normal HGH level does not require HGH injections, if you insist then you will most likely suffer from some serious side effects.

So bear in mind that although HGH is may be the fountain of youth for many women, you need to prioritize your health above all things.


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