HGH in Sports: What Does Human Growth Hormone Do for Athletes?


Athletes live in a competitive world. In this world, they need to survive in order to keep their career. This is why they train and work out so hard. They also maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep and rest. In addition, they take supplements.

Supplements come in many forms. Some athletes prefer to take fish oil capsules, which improve overall heart health. They also enhance brain function and mental alertness. In addition, pills with fish oil have anti-inflammatory properties. This is vital, given that athletes are prone to injuries.

muscles repairOtherwise, there are athletes who prefer pills with B-vitamins. This set of vitamins boosts energy levels. B-vitamins also rebuild and repair the muscles. Moreover, they cleanse the body. Meaning, they keep the body free from toxins.

Vitamin C and D supplements are also available. Athletes and other people who are active need at least 8, 000 milligrams of vitamin C a day. This vitamin boosts the immune system. Athletes take vitamin C, since they need to steer clear from sickness. This is true, especially when it is the day of their big sporting event.

Athletes also need vitamin D to reduce the risk of inflammation. This vitamin also improves bone health. However, aside from these supplements, some athletes opt to take HGH pills. What are HGH pills? What does human growth hormone do for athletes?

An Important Overview of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

The body naturally produces HGH. However, some people are deficient of this hormone. This is why HGH in the form of tablets and capsules became available in the market. Originally, doctors prescribed HGH pills to kids and teens who wanted to grow taller. Later on, people used such pills for bodybuilding and weight loss.

In addition to bodybuilders and people wanting to get slim, athletes use HGH pills in the attempt to improve their athletic abilities. These abilities are either physical, mental or both. If you are an athlete, or has a loved one who is an athlete, then it is vital to know the benefits of HGH pills. Also, know to what extent athletes can use it. Yes, this product is helpful; but like other things, too much of it can cause side effects.

What Does Human Growth Hormone Do for Athletes?

The following facts are the reasons why since then until today, majority of athletes prefer to take pills with HGH:

taking insulinReduced Risk for Injury: Studies suggest HGH may work with connective tissues of the muscles. These tissues not only surround many vital organs, they also support them. Hence, when there is an injury to a body part, it is likely to recover fast due to HGH.

More Muscle Mass: Although gaining muscle mass with the use of HGH pills is still an ongoing issue; some people believe it is possible. This is by increasing the levels of insulin-like growth factors. As a result, the body will produce and utilize more protein. We know protein is vital in building muscles.

Develop Lean Muscles Mass: HGH reduces fat in the body. As a result, athletes will develop leaner muscles. This is true most especially when they take HGH pills and at the same time, have regular workouts. Some sources say the intake of HGH pills can be an alternative for exercising. However, nothing beats the process of working your muscles and letting your sweat come out of your body through daily physical activity.

Gives Athletes More Energy: Because HGH speeds up metabolism, it gives more energy to the body. This is vital given that athletes are always doing tiring activities.

Enhances Sleep: During bedtime, the body produces HGH. This release is linked towards giving people better sleeping patterns. On the contrary, when a person suffers from sleep deprivation, the more likely he is to suffer from low HGH as well. Aside from sleeping, experts claim working out also induces the release of HGH.

Improves Bone Density: This benefit is among the best answers to the question, what does human growth hormone do for athletes? Athletes, of any sport, need strong bones. Vitamin D and calcium provides strength and thickness to the bones. However, the normal aging process reduces the body’s ability to produce and/or absorb these nutrients.

This is why athletes need a backup. This is through taking HGH pills. Based on studies, HGH increases bone density and thus, maintains bone health. How? First, HGH alerts the body to use more protein. Protein, in turn, makes way for the absorption of more calcium in the bones.

The Athletes Guide to Choosing the Best HGH Pill

consult with doctorThe first thing athletes need to do is consult their doctors. This is to find out whether the nature of their sport requires them to take HGH pills or not. If the doctor says yes to HGH pill intake, then the next thing to do ask them to prescribe or recommend a product.

Aside from the price, also consider the brand or the maker and the quality. The best HGH pills do not mean the most expensive.

In addition, keep in mind that one way to check potency is by knowing the ingredients. Organic additives are ideal. Lastly, count on reliable reviews from users. Makers may say their HGH pill for athletes is effective, but the users know the truth, so take the time to find out how others have benefited by the product. Yes, HGH is helpful for some athletes, but not all, so follow your doctor’s advice in order to stay healthy.


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