HGH Answers: Does Human Growth Hormone Make You Bald?


Human growth hormone, or simply HGH, is naturally produced by the pituitary gland. It is one of the essential hormones in the body, since it is responsible for the growth and development of a person. In addition, it also influences the person’s mental growth. HGH also stimulates the growth of several internal organs and bones. With its significant role in a person’s growth, having HGH deficiency is something a person cannot afford to have.

Dwarfism However, there are people who are experiencing HGH deficiencies. As a result, these people undergo several health problems, such as dwarfism and various health conditions that can put them at risk. This is the reason why synthetic HGH was formulated.

This is the only way to treat HGH deficiency effectively. Aside from HGH deficiency though, there are also individuals who are using synthetic HGH for other purposes.

This is because the production of growth hormones naturally decreases as one grows old. Hence, the advantages that HGH gives also decreases. This will result in low energy, weight gain, and other physical and psychological manifestations. For this reason, the use of synthetic HGH has become more than simply therapeutic.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of HGH, it is only for therapeutic use. Moreover, a doctor needs to supervise its use in order to avoid overdoses. This is to ensure that the patient avoids any potentially-serious side effects. However, since more people are opting for over-the-counter and off-label use of synthetic HGH, side effects are often experienced.

Many people have questions about HGH, such as: What are the side effects of human growth hormone? Does human growth hormone make you bald? How can you avoid from experiences its potential side effects?

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormones

Taking HGH off the label can bring several adverse effects for users. One of which is acromegaly. People who have this usually have protruded eyebrow and jaw bones. There are also instances where the patient experiences growth of feet acromegaly handsand hands, as well as the increase of body hair. Its symptoms include fatigue, headache, joint pains and muscle weakness.

Another well-known side effect for HGH is carpal tunnel syndrome. A person with this condition usually experiences weakened grip, pain in their wrist, hand, and elbow as well as numbness in their hands.

These are just two of the side effects that have been proven by medical practitioners. Other side effects are said to be caused by taking synthetic HGH.

Among these speculated side effects many people are wondering, does human growth hormone make you bald? This question has concerned many people, mainly men. Hence, does HGH cause hair loss?

Does Human Growth Hormone Make You Bald?

Some people claim they experienced rapid hair loss once they started taking synthetic HGH. Even though it still has not been proven to be true, some medical professionals are convinced HGH does indeed causes hair loss, and even baldness. However, some manufacturers claim that their HGH can cure baldness. In fact, they claim people who are prone to hair loss can use their product to have healthier hair.

Since there are two sides to this, and both sides are not backed up by any scientific studies, it would be best to use HGH scantily. If you want to ensure your safety and your hair, then you need to make sure that you consult a doctor before using any HGH product. This way, your doctor can guide you on the correct dosage, so that you will be able to avoid its potential side effects. This will also help you take full advantage of the positive effects HGH can give you.

cosult your doctor for hair lossHGH now comes in different forms. There are those that are injectable, while there others in supplements and pills. It is up to you which of these you will choose.

However, you need to ensure you are using genuine HGH. Keep in mind, there are multiple knock-off brands in the market nowadays. Even though there are also many genuine products, there is still a chance the one you bought is not real.

Thus, make you sure that you are only buying from reputable pharmacies or drugstores, as well as authorized dealers. If you are going to buy online, then it is important to buy only at the manufacturer’s official website. You do not have to worry, because many of the brands today have their own websites, which means buying online has become safer and easier.

The best part of buying on the manufacturer’s official website is you get the chance to get discounts and promotions. There are also instances wherein the prices are considerable lower compared to those being sold in store. Moreover, some offer free delivery, so that you do not have to worry about the shipping fee. You might also get the chance to get a freebie when you buy from these websites.

There is no denying HGH can bring you numerous advantages. However, it is important to remember there are also potential risks of using it. This is the reason why consulting a doctor would still be the best thing for you to do if you want to try it.


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