Growth Hormone Releaser For Children That Works


When your children are young, and they are approaching your brief, you are well aware of what they are about to go through. Significant changes are going to happen to their body, moving them forward toward the coming young adults. These changes put a significant amount of stress on the human body, and this is actually necessary. It is only by experiencing this level of stress that the pituitary gland in the brain is able to start producing excessive amounts of growth hormone so that these changes can occur.

hgh releasersThese hormones will in turn instruct the liver to produce IGF-I which will help in this conversion process. But for some kids, they are not able to make enough of this polypeptide hormone, and as a result, they may not reach their full height.

There is a solution for this found in what are called growth hormone releasers, supplements that are able to increase the amount of HGH that the body is able to produce.

This is very similar to the many supplements that are available for those that are trying to produce more HGH naturally in their later years, or individuals that need an abundance of growth hormone in order to build muscle mass.

This article will address the effects of these HGH releasers, and whether or not they were successful in helping these kids with this problem.

What Are HGH Releasers?

These are supplements that are used that are designed to naturally stimulate the secretion of HGH into the bloodstream from the pituitary gland. There are specific amino acids that are able to prompt this gland to go into overdrive, allowing it to produce a significant amount of GH hormone.

These same supplements can be used by adults as the end result is the same. Clinical trials were actually resented back in the 1990s, specifically where injections were provided to a group of men in order to test whether or not the releasers would work, with a control group that did not receive any. The end result was that the group that received the injections had far less body fat at the end of the trial.

They also had an increase in the amount of lean muscle that they were able to develop doing exercises that both groups participated in. Since a reduction in body fat, and an increase in muscle mass, are two of the benefits associated with growth hormone, it was concluded that these releasers were able to do exactly as they were thought to which is increase somatotropin production.

Different Types Of HGH Releasers

L-GlutamineThere are actually a few different ways that these can be administered. They can be found on the market for sale in different forms including sprays, powders and pills. L-arginine, L-lysine, and GABA, along with L glutamine were all used together in order to create this forced stimulation of HGH production.

Today, when you search for products that are able to stimulate the natural production of growth hormone, these are some of the main ingredients.

Additionally, L-DOPA is also used because it is believed that it will cross the blood brain barrier much more easier than a GABA supplement, and so in some cases it is substituted instead.

Benefits Of Using HGH Releasers

Further studies clearly show that there was something beneficial occurring. This included an incredible boost in overall energy levels. It seemed to promote the development of tighter skin, helping to eliminate fine lines and help people look younger. Vitality was also increased, specifically in regard to sex drive, and as mentioned before, lean muscle was increased and body fat was decreased.

The immune system was also improved dramatically, vision was also improved, and it was able to help people stabilize their emotions improving their mood. These are just a few of the benefits that were achieved by stimulating the natural production of growth hormone. So will the supplements actually work for children as they did for adults?

Growth Hormone Releaser For Children That Works

There are many different products on the market that use the exact ingredients that have already been mentioned, and since they are natural amino acids and supplements that can be found in the body, they are perfectly safe for people of any age. It would probably not be wise to provide these two infants, nor would it be necessary.

Growth Factor 9However, these supplements could safely be given to children in their early teenage years to promote the production of HGH. One of the best on the market right now is a product made by Novex Biotech called Growth Factor 9. It has the amino acids that we have already mentioned, and it also contains what is called a proprietary blend of what is called Servital-HGH.

By using this supplement, many people have found that their ability to produce HGH has increased significantly and they know that the changes have occurred based upon the way that they feel, the energy levels that they have, and the appearance of most of the benefits that have already been mentioned in regard to growth hormone in the blood stream.


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