20 Pointers to Nailing the Female Bodybuilding Diet


20 Pointers to Nailing the Female Bodybuilding Diet

Before you begin constructing anything, you must have the building blocks in place. The same is true for body building. No doubt, you have a mental image of what you want your physique to look like, but in order to create that body, you need the raw materials. In this case, these raw materials take the form of the food you eat.

But, you can’t select just any food item willy-nilly. You need a proper diet plan. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a female bodybuilding diet that will definitely help you produce the results you want.

1. Count Calories to Craft a Lean Body

female body buildingA good female body building diet supplies adequate amounts of energy to the body in the form of calories. The number of calories needed to maintain your body weight depends on a lot of factors. The calculator here provides a reasonable estimate of the number of calories you need per day.

If you are above your ideal weight, you must create a calorie deficit of approximately 3,500 calories to lose a pound. If you are below your ideal weight, you must create a calorie surplus of 3,500 calories to add a pound. If you are currently at your ideal weight, plan your diet such that there is neither a deficit nor a surplus.

2. Short Change Carbohydrates to Make Room for Proteins

Bodybuilding diets should contain enough proteins to facilitate muscle growth and repair; however, a decrease in carbohydrate consumption must accompany the increase in protein consumption, so that you don’t exceed your daily quota of calories. For this reason, you must reduce carbohydrate-rich foods.

One way to reduce carbohydrate intake is to eliminate refined foods from your diet. For example, one slice of almond flour bread contains only half as much carbohydrates as one slice of white bread. Another effective way to reduce carb consumption is to eat fiber rich foods. Finally, cut out foods with added sugar in it. This will dramatically reduce your carb count.

At the same time, you must also make sure that at least 20 to 30 percent of your calories is in the form of carbohydrates. Otherwise, your body will run out of efficient fuel sources.If you want to lose weight or reduce fat percentage, then you can consume as less as 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. To learn more about low carbohydrate diets, you can read about it in Dr. Atkin’s book called Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution.

3. Beef Up Your Protein Intake to Build Up Muscle

BeefAn average person needs approximately 0.4 grams of protein per day per pound. So, if a woman weighs a 100 pounds, she needs 40 grams of proteins. However, a bodybuilder needs to eat more proteins than the average woman, as much as 0.9 grams of protein per day per pound. So, a female body builder weighing a 100 pounds must eat 90 grams of proteins per day.

Once you know how much protein you need, the next step is to get the proteins from clean sources. The list below contains recommended sources of proteins.

  • Seafood
  • White meat poultry
  • Milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Pork tenderloin
  • Soy
  • Lean beef

Don’t forget to portion the foods so that you stay within your daily calorie limit.

4. Stop Vilifying Fat

The world has unfairly criticized fats as the root of all weight problems. A smart female bodybuilder knows fats aren’t a problem. Female bodybuilders consume nearly 20 to 30 percent of their total calories as healthy unsaturated fats.

Pound for pound, fats contain twice the amount of energy than carbohydrates or proteins do. This makes fat an amazing way for your body to store calories. Moreover, your body requires fats as a medium in which it can carry out many biochemical reactions. If you watch your calorie intake, exercise regularly, and avoid simple carbohydrates, your body will not accumulate fat.

Just be sure to get your fats from clean sources, such as avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, whole eggs, fatty fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil and full fat yogurt.Remember to portion it properly so that you don’t overshoot your calorie limit.

5. Resistance Isn’t Futile

exerciseMuscle growth requires you to increase the time under tension. This means that you must take time to move through the positive, isometric, and negative motions of each exercise. Once your neuromuscular system becomes accustomed to the exercise, add resistance to induce the next growth spurt. If you don’t add resistance, your muscles tone and endurance will improve, but the size and strength will remain the same.

To maximize your gains, you can try progressive calisthenics, which is one of the best and safest female bodybuilding workouts. Progressive calisthenics will help you develop an unbelievably strong body without bulking up. This method of exercise also gives you a lot of functional strength and flexibility, so you’ll not only look sexy and attractive, but you’ll also move with grace and beauty.

6. Let the Çardio Head Out Occasionally

In addition to eating a bodybuilders diet, allocate two to three slots a week for high intensity cardio. This helps reduce your body fat percentage and reveals the definitions you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

The key point to remember is that cardio helps improve the size of the heart and strength training increases the thickness of the heart’s muscles. In order to optimize your heart’s pumping volume, you must do both strength training and cardio; however, when you’re pressed for time, give preference to resistance training.

7. Make Use of Evenly Spread Nutritious Goodie Stashes

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of eating multiple small meals instead of eating three large meals. Some experts say that eating many small meals increases your body’s metabolism and helps in weight loss. But, the subject of this article isn’t weight loss; it is body building. So, let’s look at how eating small meals can help you.

Firstly, your body requires different types of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, seeds, nuts, legumes, and healthy fats. It becomes difficult to accommodate this much variety in three meals. But, if you plan six to seven meals per day, you can devote each meal to one of the groups.

Secondly, by eating small meals throughout the day, you’re not going to feel hungry. As a result, you’re less likely to overeat. However, one important thing you must keep in mind is the portioning of these meals. You’ll learn more about how to portion your meals later in this article.

8. Give the Female Bodybuilding Diet aB2 Boost

milkVitamin B2 or riboflavin helps your body in the following ways:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Slows down aging
  • Enhances athletic performance

Therefore, make sure that you get 1.1 milligrams of vitamin B2 every day. Good sources of this vitamin include milk, yogurt, almonds, spinach and tomatoes.

9. Fortify Your Bones with Calcium

Smart body builders realize that body building isn’t just about muscle growth. They take care to develop their tendons, bones and ligaments, along with muscles. In order to strengthen their skeletal system women bodybuilders need to pay attention to their calcium intake. This is because calcium is a mineral that’s essential for the development of strong bones.

In addition to strengthening your bones, calcium plays an important role in many other biological process, such as blood clotting, nerve conduction, and muscle contraction. So, if you don’t supply adequate quantities of calcium to your body, the body will start leeching calcium from your bones, making them weak.

Adults require 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day and you can depend on calcium-rich sources, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and tofu to get your daily share of this mineral.

10. The Nutrient Powerhouses Called Green and Leafy Vegetables

Green and leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, collard greens, lettuce, cabbage, bok choy, and broccoli, are rich in protein per calorie and low in fat and carbohydrates. Thus, these are the ideal foods with which you can fill your stomach. These are also abundant in folates, vitamin K, and carotenoids. As a result of the antioxidants in these compounds, your body’s cell renewal process functions more efficiently, thereby slowing down aging.

11. Soybean: A Warehouse of Proteins and Minerals

SoybeanOne cup of boiled soybeans provides nearly half of your daily iron requirement. Moreover, soybeans are rich in other minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus. Soybeans also aids in smooth bowel movement because they are rich in fiber. Lastly, you get nearly 30 grams of proteins from one cup of boiled soybeans. So, if you eat them as a side order to a chicken dish, you won’t have to worry about your protein intake.

12. Enrich Your Blood with an Adequate Iron Intake

Your body requires iron to manufacture hemoglobin. Without hemoglobin, your blood’s capacity to carry oxygen reduces. Since oxygen is a principle participant in many of your body’s physiological functions, lack of oxygen in your blood causes muscle weakness, headache, fatigue, dizziness, and lightheadedness. Top sources of iron are soybeans, lentils, oysters, spinach, chickpeas, liver and iron-fortified cereal.

13. Skipping Meals Drives Your Body Nuts

Majority of the physiological process happening in your body don’t require your involvement. The conscious part of your brain cannot keep your body running smoothly because it cannot cope with the staggering number of decisions to be made every moment. Imagine this, you eat a banana in the morning and by evening much of the banana becomes a part of your body; how the heck does this happen?

It’s the subconscious mind that’s responsible for the smooth functioning of your body. This subconscious mind loves cycles. When all your activities operate on a cyclical basis, your body can anticipate your needs and prepare itself to perform the task at hand; however, when you break the pattern by skipping meals, you disrupt the body’s rhythm.

14. No Progression Without Hydration

HeadachesNo women’s bodybuilding diet is complete without adequate fluid intake.So if you observe the following signs of dehydration, you should increase your water consumption:

  • Your mouth becomes sticky and dry
  • You feel tired, despite getting enough sleep
  • Headaches
  • Your skin becomes dry
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Discolored urine
  • Decrease in urine volume

Hydrating is not just about drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Remember, you get water from the food you eat and the other beverages that you drink, too. So, treat dehydration symptomatically by identifying your body’s water needs and meeting them before you become dehydrated.

15. Purge Processed Foods From Your Diet

If you’re on a mission to eat cleanly, then processed foods should never be a part of your menu. The main reason for this is that the food item loses a lot of its nutritional value as is goes through various processing stages. Also, processed foods contain more added sugar and unhealthy fats compared to their unprocessed equivalents. Next, processed foods contain additives that are nutritional dead weights at best and poisonous at worse. Lastly, there is a chance of processed foods being contaminated by impurities.

16. Why There’s Nothing Sweet About Added Sugar

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate and your body can assimilate simple carbs rapidly. You can count on them to provide quick energy boosts while engaging in energy intensive activities. However, bodybuilder don’t need to rely on simple carbohydrates to meet their energy requirements. That’s why you can eliminate added sugar completely from your diet. Especially when you’re in a female figure competition diet aimed at reducing body fat percentage.

Another advantage of cutting out added sugars is that your blood sugar levels will remain steady. This way, mood swings resulting from sudden rise and fall of blood sugar levels won’t bother you. Instead, you’ll feel energetic throughout the day. Furthermore, your insulin response will improve and as a result, the energy supply lines to your muscles become more efficient, thereby promoting optimal muscle growth, repair, and recovery.

17. Dine Out Moderately and Only on Occasion

flourThe main issue with dining out is that you can neither portion the food, nor know the exact calorie count. What’s more, you don’t even know the ingredients used to prepare the food. For example, cooks use corn flour to thicken soups and sauces. This means, a lot of calories and simple carbohydrates sneak into your system without you even realizing it.

In order to have more control over your nutrition, you must restrict the number of times you eat outside. Also, go out to dine in a group of three to four people, so that you don’t end up overeating just to finish the food on the table. You can also take half your meal home for the next day, which is also budget-friendly.

18. Eat the Right Portions

The importance of portioning your food in dieting cannot be overstated. The key to portioning your food properly is to understand calorie density. Let’s look at an example to learn how to use calorie density to portion foods.

Almonds are an amazing source of fiber, protein, and minerals. However, one gram of almonds is 5.7 calories and a handful of almonds equal 160 calories. To put things in perspective, you need to eat approximately one and half pounds of cauliflower to consume 160 calories. On the other hand, a single bite from a chocolate bar also equals 160 calories.

You must consume highly calorie dense foods, such as chocolates, in extremely measured quantities. You can eat less calorie dense foods, such as cauliflower and broccoli, to your fill without worrying about eating too many calories. You must eat foods in between the two extremes, such as seeds and nuts, in measured quantities.

So, use the food labels to see what foods to put on your plate and in what quantities.

19. Eat the Right Way

Eat the Right WayPeople hardly take the time to chew their food these days. The first step in the digestion process begins with the mechanical breakdown of food in your mouth. Followed by partial chemical breakdown of carbohydrates through the action of salivary amylase. Swallowing food without giving it a proper chewing upsets the digestion process from the get go.

Therefore, plan your meals in advance and schedule enough uninterrupted time for you to eat your food peacefully. While eating, take small bites and chew the morsel until the original texture of the food becomes undistinguishable. And when you swallow your food, feel it move through your esophagus and into the stomach.

Right eating, or mindful eating, allows you to get the most out of every bite from a culinary, as well as nutrition standpoint.

20. Have a Cheat Day

According to Newton’s third law of motion, to every action there is always an equal opposite reaction. When you’re trying to build a positive habit, you’ll have to depend on will power until the habit becomes neurologically hardwired in your brain. While you’re running on willpower mode, you’ll experience powerful cravings as an opposite reaction to your exertion of will.

To dampen these opposite reactions, every female bodybuilding diet plan must have cheat days. You can treat yourself to anything that you crave to eat on these cheat days. The only rule is that the cheat day must be planned at least three days in advance. And during the cheat days, don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Now that you have all the raw materials in place, it’s time to put together a fantastic female bodybuilding diet. Success follows anyone who acts on sound knowledge. You have the knowledge, and now all you need to do is act. Success will be yours.


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