Exactly What Is Human Growth Hormone Made Up Of


A very important supplement that everyone should be taking, one that was once called the literal fountain of youth drug, is not legal in the United States except with a prescription, a prescription only given to those that doctors feel need to have it. This is usually because of a deficiency in this particular hormone that is produced by the body, in an area of the brain called the pituitary gland.

Puberty in BoysWhen kids are getting older, just starting puberty, their body will be placed in such a state of stress that the HGH will go into overdrive so that proper development can occur.

For those that do use this, and get this illegally in China or other countries that produce the synthetic version, many have claimed that it has been able to help them achieve excellent results such as growing hair back on their head, giving them energy like they had when they were a teenager, virtually eliminating all of their aches and pains.

The reason that it is not legal in the United States is actually quite a mystery since there are so many benefits associated with this particular hormone. We will let you decide as to whether or not this is a good decision to make by showing you exactly what is human growth hormone is made up of.

What You Need To Know About Growth Hormone

Let us first address the name of this particular hormone as it can be called many different things. Human growth hormone is a common name that is used, or the abbreviation of either HGH or GH. In medical settings, it is called somatotropin and is a hormone that is responsible for cellular reproduction and also regeneration of cells.

IGF-1In regard to kids going through puberty, beginning to develop into actual adults, it is a catalyst for the stimulation of growth. Once this is running through your body, after it reaches the liver, the liver will produce another hormone called IGF-1.

This hormone is used throughout the body to cause virtually every cell to begin to develop to its full potential which would include your skin, organs, and nervous system.

For athletes, it is an anabolic agent of sorts, acting very similar to how anabolic steroids tend to be. The reason for taking steroids when working out is to increase your muscle mass exponentially, something that is accredited to HGH when taken in proper dosages.

The Benefits Of HGH Explained

Growth hormone is something that has so many benefits, you would think that someone was actually making this up if it were not scientifically true. People that order this hormone, the synthetic version, will take it not just for bodybuilding, but to improve their health in general.

building muscle massIt has been shown to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and provide many restorative properties such as the regrowth of hair. For those that have diabetes, it will normalize blood sugar levels, improve your ability to perform during sexual intercourse, and also improve your memory.

Other benefits include improved vision, an increase in overall energy and you will be able to sleep much more easily.

This is taken as an injection, and if done so at the proper dosage for your body weight, you will start to literally regress in age in regard to how you feel and the amount of energy that you will have throughout the day area

Negative Side Effects Often Associated With GH Hormone

The reason that this particular hormone is not recommended by doctors is because of some of the side effects that may actually occur. It is helpful according to doctors when people are suffering from an HGH deficiency because of tumors near the pituitary gland, muscle wasting disease, and short bowel syndrome.

The problems that any people have noted include feeling more aches in their joints and muscles. They have also reported problems with their blood sugar levels, the development of numbness or tingling associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, and swelling because of excess fluid in bodily tissues.

These are typically associated with those that take too much GH hormone, not those that are taking enough to resume normal levels. It is for this reason that so many people question the illegality of this particular hormone, especially in contrast to all of the benefits that it provides.

So What Exactly Is Human Growth Hormone Made Up Of?

L-LysineTechnically speaking, it is a 191 amino acid polypeptide single chain hormone. Before it was understood how to reproduce it synthetically, it was actually extracted from cadavers. Using recumbent DNA technology, it is possible to reproduce this hormone in the laboratory.

It is made up of growth hormone one and two, localized in the region of chromosome 17, and because it is a hormone, it is actually made of lipids which can be acquired through your diet.

There are certain supplements that can help in the production of GH including L-lysine, which makes sense because of the many amino acids that make up its structure. This combination of amino acids, and lipids together, creates human growth hormone.


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