Enhancing Your Performance With Human Growth Hormone


We hear a lot about human growth hormone or HGH these days. Hence most people think that HGH is something that we just inject into the body. They are not aware that HGH is a natural growth hormone produced in the pituitary gland. It helps in many body and mind functions during our childhood and adolescence.

Building muscle mass, increasing energy levels, aiding in various organic functions and decreasing fat storage in the body are some of the main functions of human growth hormone during these times. The hormone decreases with aging and starts to decrease at around 25 years of age. This is the time people would start to lose muscle and increase fat storage in the body.

synthetic growth hormone injectionThere are synthetic HGH hormone injections available with doctors and they can be taken when a person’s HGH levels are really low. HGH injections can only be taken with a prescription from a qualified doctor.

These injections are used to treat people with severe HGH deficiency and who are suffering from chronic kidney deficiency, Prader Willi syndrome or Turner’s syndrome. The loss of HGH from the body will result in low energy levels, decrease sex drive, fatigue, memory loss, weight gain, wrinkles and high blood pressure.

HGH appeared in the market during the late 1950’s and it was derived from corpses. This HGH is then purified before using as HGH injections on humans. Most of the patients receiving HGH injections are children with a high deficiency of human growth hormone. Because of the restriction in deriving HGH, many children around the world didn’t get HGH injections. Only around 30,000 patients were treated with HGH injections during the period of 1950 and 1985.

hgh for athletesHGH supplements are available in the market which can be used as performance enhancing drugs by most adults as well as children. Athletes involved in strenuous sport activities such as bodybuilding, weight lifting, American football etc are the people who are widely regarded as using HGH supplements to enhance their performances in their particular field of activity.

These natural supplements are responsible in stimulating the production of human growth hormone in adults. HGH is dormant in adults as the natural production decreases with aging. It helps with decreased fat storage, increased muscle mass and accelerated muscle recovery time. This will help the athlete to perform better and faster than normal circumstances.

Most of the athletes would combine HGH supplements with anabolic steroids for better performances in their respective sports. But this practice is prohibited by many sport controlling bodies in the world. Any athlete diagnosed as having taken performance enhancement drugs would be banned from their events.

HGH supplements works in many ways to enhance the performance of a person. HGH supplements stimulate the production of natural HGH in the pituitary gland. This hormone will interact with your tissue receptors throughout the body and organs. When it comes to the liver, HGH would stimulate the production of insulin-like growth hormone 1 or IGF-1. It is then released to the body to help the production of cartilage cells used in developing muscle and bones.

HGH The HGH produced in the pituitary gland contains at least 191 amino acids which are extremely important for many body and mind functions. It will improve bone density, develop lean muscle mass, reduce excess body fat in the mid section, regulate metabolism, maintain important functions of the organs and muscles and reproduce cells.

This is why HGH is extremely important for body functions. It helps to enhance the overall performances of a person. The HGH amounts in your body should be at its ideal levels for optimum performances and overall health and wellbeing. Researchers have speculated that the boost received from HGH alone could shave off about half a second, in a ten second sprint over 100 meters.

This little time is enough to divide the winner of a race from the last place finisher. This is why HGH is considered an important performance enhancement drug by most of the sportsmen in the world.

Human growth hormone raises the metabolic rate of your body. This would help your body to burn fat faster than usual. It will increase the lean muscle mass of your body, thereby giving you more strength to perform better and endure strenuous physical activities. It will shorten the recovery time between workouts which would no doubt help to increase your performance as a whole.

It also helps to strengthen the ligaments, joints and help to repair damaged tissue quite faster than normal. The enhanced protein synthesis ability of HGH will also help a person to perform better than normal. HGH increases power, enhances the energy levels, decreases excess body fat and lessens muscle mass on off periods, which are all important to perform better under trying circumstances.

human growth hormoneAll the above mentioned benefits have made human growth hormone a wonder supplement in performance enhancement. It will help you to recover from strenuous workouts extremely fast, which is a major boost in enhancing the performance of a person.

HGH supplements are available through many online e-commerce sites. The best place to purchase human growth hormone is through the Amazon e-commerce store. They are of top quality and would be shipped to your doorstep within 2-3 days of ordering.

The above mentioned information will help a person to decide whether human growth hormone is the best solution to enhance his or her performance.


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