Does Human Growth Hormone Cause People To Rage?


Are you one of the many people in the world today looking for a way to stay looking younger and feeling better, like you did many years ago? It’s safe to say that if you are, you are likely in the company of many millions of people. We really don’t think about the aging process when we are younger. It’s only when we start to see the changes that are occurring such as find lines appearing on our face, an inability to have the endurance that we used to, that we start to wonder what we need to do.

There are many paths that people take, and some people find the studies on human growth hormone to be interesting enough to find out how to boost this vital hormone within our body in some way. It is the hormone that rages through our body when we are developing, reaching our full levels of maturity.

SomatotropinUnfortunately, as with most things as we get older, the amount that the pituitary gland produces diminishes, and the signs of aging will begin to come at high speeds.

For those that were lucky enough to try synthetic somatotropin years ago when it was available, not simply something that is prescribed only to those that are deficient in a large way, amazing results were documented where people would literally feel decades younger, yet today we either have to buy injectable HGH overseas, or find ways to improve the amount that we naturally produce.

There is some concern, however, in regard to HGH, something that is similar to what many people worry about with steroids. Is it possible that increasing your levels of HGH could actually lead to making you angry, or at least having a short fuse, causing you to go into a rage?

This article will address what HGH does in the body, and whether or not it could actually cause people to become short tempered as a result of taking any type of supplement that increased somatotropin levels, or if this is possible when synthetic HGH is injected into the body.

What Human Growth Hormone Is Able To Do For You

Let’s start with something very simple such as the benefits that growth hormone can provide. This is a good way to set the foundation for the possible rage that it may cause. The primary benefits include feeling younger, having more energy, boosting your immune system, building more muscle mass, losing body weight, improving bone density, and essentially making your body function just like it did back in your teenage years, or at least as you were in your 20s.

It is for this reason that it was regarded as a fountain of youth supplement, one that is taken by thousands of people every day. For those that can afford it, and actually have a good supplier, it is possible to get injectable HGH that is made synthetically in the laboratory, and by taking this religiously, these people have seen excellent results.

So why is there a lingering possibility that growth hormone could cause people to become short tempered? This has to do with another hormone that somatotropin can help produce more of which is called testosterone.

What Is Testosterone?

increase your sex driveTestosterone is a hormone, a messenger of the body, one that is made of the same type of cholesterol that all of the other hormones are made of. These messengers essentially instruct your body and brain to do certain things, but it is most often associated with people that have a sex drive.

It does play a role in the production of sperm, and is necessary for the proper development of muscle and bone mass. It can also affect the way that you store body fat.

Studies have shown that men with more body fat have less testosterone, and the converse is actually true. What also is known about testosterone is that it can affect your mood. Men that have low testosterone levels are typically extremely moody, but when they have the proper amount, their emotional levels are quite balanced.

However, growth hormone actually generates more testosterone in the body, so can an overabundance of testosterone cause people to get angry? The answer is yes. You have probably seen young men that are full of testosterone, and they have horrible behavior. This is because testosterone causes you to become angry much more easily, almost as if you had injected some type of drug into your system that caused you to overreact to everything.

So is there the possibility that too much growth hormone in the body could cause an overproduction of testosterone leading to changes in your mood and emotions? Yes it can, and as long as you are taking supplements to produce HGH naturally, and not overdosing with synthetic injections which many people do that are working out and trying to build muscle mass, your testosterone levels should remain normal, helping you to feel great, just like you did years ago, without all of the moodiness.


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