Do HGH Releasers Really Help You Grow Taller?


As we all know, once we reach a certain age, right at the end of our teenage years, our body naturally allows us to slow down the growth process, allowing us to reach our nominal height. If it didn’t, we would continue to grow, which is why most people are around 5 to 6 feet tall. There are those that are genetically predisposed to grow even taller, but there are limits to how tall anyone can be.

increase height by hghThere are people, however, that are at a disadvantage. They may not be able to reach their normal height. It is due to, in most cases, a deficiency in a particular hormone called HGH.

This hormone has quite a reputation, promoted for many years as the fountain of youth, the hormone that could actually reduce signs of aging, and potentially reverse the aging process.

Let’s look at why HGH is so necessary for helping people to grow to their proper height, and why deficiencies in this hormone are not only detrimental to growing taller, but can have adverse reactions throughout the human body.

Controversies Surrounding Growth Hormone

Before we begin the discussion about how growth hormone can actually help people get taller, it’s good to know a little bit about this stress hormone and why it is so controversial. In a nutshell, HGH is probably the most beneficial hormone that you can produce in your body. Considered to be the fountain of youth, the hormone that can reverse signs of aging, regressing you back to how you felt when you were a teenager, it has come under scrutiny by the medical community and has been deemed a nonessential supplement unless a deficiency actually exists.

Unfortunately, HGH has so many beneficial properties, is sad that it is not legal in the United States. If more people actually talk growth hormone on a regular basis, many of the common elements that we have today that so many are mystical drugs are prescribed for such as chronic pain, problems with the functionality of certain organs, obesity, diabetes, and deficiencies in energy levels, all of this could be resolved if it were taken as a supplement on a regular basis, helping people become much healthier.

The controversy is simply this: it’s not allowed without a prescription, but it does so much good. Let’s now look at why HGH is necessary for reaching your full height.

How HGH Helps You Grow Taller

pituitary adenomaThe reason that human growth hormone helps you grow is because of how it interacts with your body. Short stature and growth failure are indicative of growth hormone deficiencies.

Although this could be related to congenital malformations and genetic conditions that are part of the genetics of the family itself, deficiencies are typically rare, unless pituitary adenoma occurs.

The opposite effect could actually occur when tumors are grown adjacent to the pituitary gland. This can cause excessive amounts of stimulation, causing incredible amounts of cell growth, causing people to have what is commonly referred to as giant syndrome.

However, if you are deficient with this particular hormone, something that your doctor will be able to determine, they can prescribe HGH injections in order to get your hormone levels back up to normal, allowing you to grow naturally through your teenage years, and into adulthood reaching your proper height.

Other Benefits Of HGH

The benefits that you can receive with HGH are not merely limited to reaching your full height. It has the ability to stimulate cellular production and reproduction, which is why bodybuilders and weightlifters appreciate this particular supplement. As mentioned before, it is not legal in the United States, and therefore you can only order it outside of the US and have it shipped to you illegally, or, and a much better choice, is to stimulate HG production within your body to achieve these results.

Additionally, your immune system will be much better, bone density will be stronger, and your mental abilities will also be heightened because of this hormone. People that take it often notice that they look younger, primarily because the increase in collagen will improve the texture and elasticity of the upper epidermal layer, helping you to eliminate premature lines that have formed on your face, and preventing others from occurring.

Best Supplements To Take

L-ArginineIf you are going to try to improve human growth hormone levels in your body without actually getting injections, primarily because you don’t have an HGH deficiency, or some other type of medical problem.

You can use a variety of supplements that are available today which can actually boost the amount of human growth hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. Two of the best are L-arginine and L-lysine that, when working together, can help provide your body with exactly what it needs to produce more growth hormone.

However, if you are suffering from a deficiency in HGH, and you are worried about not reaching your full height, once your doctor is able to diagnose that you have this deficiency, they can prescribe injections of synthetic human growth hormone that can help you with this problem.


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