Can You Take Human Growth Hormone Orally?


Human growth hormone, or HGH is what causes our body to keep growing. As you may have noticed, some people are bigger and taller than others are. There are cases where people grow enormously large and develop gigantic sizes; like some basketball players who were born with too much HGH in their body.

DwarfismOn the other hand, people who suffer from dwarfism have less HGH in their body, causing them to have less growth. Yet, as we grow older, the production of human growth hormone becomes less; if not, then we will keep on growing.

The discovery of HGH was during the late 1920’s. Each year, scientists find new purposes for this hormone. Aside from making a person grow bigger and taller, it also has many more advantages like stronger bones, more energy, improved sexual function and better performance of the heart and kidneys.

HGH also does not work in the body like testosterone and it is not androgynous. Therefore, this does not cause the body of both male and female to grow excessive hair, contrary to what too much testosterone can do to the body.

In order to take your level of human growth hormone up a notch, you can do a variety of activities. Some of these are exercising, eating the right foods, proper rest, and you could also take supplements. Now, there are cases in which HGH is by prescription, especially to people who are suffering from HGH deficiency, like some kids or adults.

However, a patient must first undergo a series of tests and checkups to conclude that HGH is the cure that fits his situation prior to considering an HGH administration. Once proven that HGH is the ideal treatment, it will not only improve their condition, but also makes the bones denser.

Common Ways Of Administering HGH

HGH treatmentThe traditional way of enhancing the amount of HGH treatment in a person’s body is by injecting it in calculated doses to make sure that the patient will not suffer from an overdose.

Because doctors and nurses sometimes make miscalculations, the high risk of overdose is still possible. As a result, total shut down of the patients’ body system may happen. Therefore, scientists and researchers keep on finding ways to allow human growth hormone to enter the body through other means besides injection.

Many medicines that doctors inject in the patients’ body before are taken orally nowadays. So, is it possible to take human growth hormones orally, too?  The answer is, yes. Doctors have found a way in which HGH is taken orally. However, the idea of taking HGH by mouth has some benefits and drawbacks.

It is important for people to fill themselves with knowledge on what the effects of HGH are, so that they will not compromise their health in the end. The following are reasons why some people think that oral HGH is not ideal:

  • blood pressureSide Effects: When used improperly and carelessly, oral HGH may result to mood swings, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Limitations in Using HGH: It is important to ask yourself can you take human growth hormone orally, because doctors prohibit pregnant women to take human growth hormone by mouth.
    People who are below the age of 35 are also prohibited to use this drug. Health experts say that the body might reject it and may cause more problems. Nonetheless, there have been no negative claims regarding this issue.
  • May Not Work Properly Because of Oxygen: HGH, when exposed to oxygen, may lose its efficacy.

Can You Take Human Growth Hormone Orally: Reasons for Using Oral HGH

Although there are people who are negating the efficacy of oral HGH, many health experts advise this treatment due to the following reasons:

  • hgh oral sprayLow Dose, Yet High in Efficacy: Experts already measured the doses; meaning, all you have to do is drink or spray, depending on your choice of oral HGH. Therefore, there is no room for overdose issues.
  • Safest Form of HGH: Compared to an HGH that is injected in the body, oral HGH is considered as the safest form.
  • Its Price is Affordable For All: Unlike its counterpart, oral HGH is more affordable. Although this option is more budget-friendly, it still provides potent results.
  • No Need For Prescription: Oral HGH does not require prescription from a doctor as long as the person who will use it is not pregnant and above the age of 35.

Can you take human growth hormone orally? Yes, you can. However, just like any other drug or treatment, vigilance is necessary. This way, you will be confident that you will not end up jeopardizing your health. This means that consulting a doctor before making any action is vital.

It is still a hot medical issue today whether oral HGH is effective or not. However, hundreds of patients who were benefited by it are enough proof that this treatment works.


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