Building A Better Body: Can Hgh Expire.


328414In the quest for a better body, many people turn to supplements and drugs in order to improve their progress.

Some people make the mistake of starting their enhancement program too early, hoping that they can take a shortcut to achieve the body of their dreams.

These people quickly learn that there are no shortcuts, and that they have wasted their money and lost time that could have been put to better use working hard in the gym.

 Supplements, hormone treatments and even steroids are not magical. You cannot inject yourself with something and then turn into Kai Greene overnight.

To achieve a strong, lean and powerful body you must work hard in the gym and feed your body with the right kind of foods to support muscle growth.

The real benefits of HGH and other bodybuilding aids come when your body is close to having maxed out its natural potential.

If you decide that you want to take HGH, then you may have some questions, including:

  • Is HGH safe?
  • Can HGH Expire?
  • How long must I take HGH for it to work?
  • How can I make HGH more effective?

Before you even think about taking HGH, it is important that you speak to your doctor.

There is only so much information that you can learn online, and a doctor who knows you well and is able to examine you in-person will be able to give you more accurate information.

However, for general guidance, here are some answers to those questions:

Is HGH Safe?

HGH is a natural hormone that is produced in large quantities by the human body during puberty. As you get older, your HGH levels fall off significantly.

Injecting HGH is, in most cases, safe, although there are some side effects. Many people experience swelling, bloating and joint pain when they start taking HGH for the first time. These symptoms can be managed by manipulating the dosage.

Most dangers come not from the HGH itself, but from poor dose management, dirty needles, or the decision to supplement HGH with insulin or even steroids without talking to a doctor first.

As long as you speak to a doctor before starting your cycle, and follow the dosage instructions to the letter, you should have no problems.

Can HGH Expire?

nice bodyLike most drugs, HGH has an expiry date printed on it.

The expiry date printed on drugs is intended to indicate that on that date the drug will still be safe to take, and that it will be close to its stated potency.

Over time, drugs lose their potency, so the strength of each dose will be reduced.

The answer to the question ‘can HGH expire’ is complicated. Some HGH brands contain preservatives, some do not.

No doctor is likely to recommend taking HGH that has passed its expiration date, however as long as that HGH is stored correctly you are unlikely to come to any harm by doing so.

The difficulty with expired HGH is that you have no way of knowing how potent it is. If it is long past its expiration date, it could be half the strength printed on the label, but since it takes months of work to see progress, you won’t be able to tell whether the HGH is working until you have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears in the gym.

HGH that is stored incorrectly will lose its potency incredibly quickly, and should never be used.

If you find some HGH that has been left out in direct sunlight, or stored at the wrong temperature, take it to a qualified pharmacist for disposal. Do not use it.

How Long Must I Take HGH For It To Work?

Most first-time HGH users start with a low dose and gradually up the dosage over an eight week period, then take the full dose of 4 i.u.’s or slightly more for three to four months, before taking some time off from the cycle for their bodies to heal. It takes several months to see results, even when taking HGH.

How Can I Make HGH More Effective?

HGH helps your body to enter hypertrophy and to build new muscle cells. The best way to make HGH more effective is to consume a high protein, high calorie diet, work hard in the gym and get lots of sleep.

Some people combine high doses of HGH with Insulin, test boosters and other supplements, but for a first time user that should not be necessary.

Stick with the basics until you are sure you have hit your genetic potential, and pull out those bigger tools later!


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